More Congratulations…!

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”  By Arnold Palmer

The Dr. is in the House…!

There continues to be wonderful news swirling around our family of “Friends” and I am happy to point out some of it. Dr. Rosemary Gray was honored last week at Emory & Henry College as the 2023 recipient of the Carl and Ruth Looney Humanitarian Award. This prestigious award recognizes Rosemary’s life-time work and commitment to service and sacrifice benefitting humanity.

She was a 1968 graduate of Emory & Henry College.  She moved on to obtain her Ed.D Degree at East Tennessee State University.

There is much more to this story. She and I shared the distinction of being among the first Afro-American full time students attending Emory & Henry College. In 1966, she arrived as a transfer student with Junior status. I arrived as a Freshman. One more thing…she is an ardent and devoted “Friend of Copey”. 

Congratulations Rosemary…an honor well deserved!


Also, I should share the good news that Emory & Henry College’s Board of Trustees recently announced its decision to change its nearly 190 years as a college to becoming a University. Emory & Henry University…congratulations!

And then…!

About eight years ago, I wrote a Post bragging about my grandsons. One of them was Mykel Broady who was an up and coming middle school basketball star. After a serious medical issue, Mykel turned his attention to full time academics. The years have passed by quickly.

Mykel followed his older brother Maliek to the University of Nevada. Maliek was a Nevada Wolfpack football player and graduated in December 2019.

Now, younger brother Mykel will graduate in May with his Business Degree in Marketing and Management and a minor in Business Analytics. 

Mykel received notification this week that he will be honored during the graduation ceremony as “Top Senior” from the University of Nevada’s College of Business.

According to the notification letter, “this is one of the most prestigious awards at the University, the Senior Scholar distinction.”

Mykel is multi-talented. He has provided me important technical support with this Blog making several improvements. He also has his own Podcast “The Mykel Broady Podcast” located at Congratulations Mykel!

In closing…!

I am surrounded by amazing folks who provide me excitement, pride, and joy. Running as a common thread in this news is the generosity and the human kindness found collected among “Friends”. As I reported earlier this week, our financial goals were met and exceeded. More funds have been added and there is great joy in Copey. The precious futures of young folks have been impacted by so much generosity.

Congratulations to all “Friends of Copey.”

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