Campaign Final Results…Victory!

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”  By Michael Phelps

This year’s campaign to raise funds for scholarships for Copey students and to support the salary for the Copey Learning Center’s Director has resulted in a major success. Of course, there is the initial concern when the campaign begins. I never take for granted there are a sufficient number of donors engaged and financially devoted to these two early fund raising efforts. The economy is not great and dollars are very tight for everyone. 

AGBSF Goal $1,800.00 Achieved $1,930.00       EDSS Goal $2,000.00  Achieved $2,030.00

“Friends of Copey” is an unselfish and generous group of “Friends.” Each year we witness just how involved and committed “Friends” really are. All things seemed a little different this year. It is our tenth year and I wondered if we could raise the needed funds one more time? Are we devoted enough to conduct two successful fund raising campaigns once again?

I admit these questions hung over me like a cloud at the start. I just never know and it is always a leap of faith. There are well meaning doubters who continue to believe this project just cannot continue on its successful path. This project is different, unconventional, totally built on friendship. We believe we can make a difference if we work together.  

Much of our work is subjective and not always easy to measure success. When funds are involved, we have one objective way to measure success. 

I am extremely pleased and proud we can raise needed funds successfully. However, I am also excited about the “possibilitarians” we have come to recognize having such a tremendous impact on our efforts. These are “Friends” who may or may not be financial supporters but always believe in what we are doing. 

“Possibilitarians” are our secret weapon that keeps us moving forward with high expectations and strong motivations.

Additional Funds..!

There are several first time donors this year and my gratitude is extended to each. There are also a few more donations heading my way and the decision has been made to hold these donations for our May campaign when we call on “Friends” once more to help us support the “Pathway Project”. We are in the planning stages now in preparation for the Costa Rican guests to travel to the United States and spend time at the Emory & Henry College campus. 

Thanks to all and Congratulations!

2 thoughts on “Campaign Final Results…Victory!”

  1. Way to go team!! Having lived in Costa Rica for several years, I know how important and beneficial this project is to the children and their families lives. This is a great accomplishment for all concerned. Bob

  2. Amazing! Congratulations to everyone. Copey Learning Center indeed has many good friends.

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