There Is Joy In Difficult Seasons Of Life

“We give thanks for the assurance that Divine life, love, wisdom and substance are blessing us abundantly. We now gratefully and joyfully receive.”  Unity

Ariana (Part 2)

Ariana was featured in the last Post to bring “Friends” up to date on the outstanding progress she has made with her life. It is wonderful to see students who have completed the Copey Learning Center and participated in the Pathway Project continue their educational and professional journey.

We pointed out in the previous Post that Ariana is studying English at Universidad Americana English Teaching. She plans to use her English education as a high school teacher or gain employment with an American company located in Costa Rica. Ariana is also currently working at the Apple Call Center in San Jose while attending school.

(Ariana shown 3rd from left attending class at Emory & Henry College in 2017)

I was privileged to personally get to know Ariana as she spent time in our country participating in the 2017 Pathway Project. Being very vibrant and energetic along with being very intelligent and engaging, we all predicted she would pursue a professional career and do well.

Below are the final questions and responses obtained during Ariana’s interview with Emma Terry in early November:

What advice would you offer a young teenage student who is now attending the Copey Learning Center?


“Continue studying English at the Copey Learning Center because the program is great. You learn more when working with native speakers. Speaking English offers many opportunities. There is much tourism in Costa Rica and knowing English allows you to communicate and connect with visitors.”

When did your English education with the Copey Learning Center begin and end?


“I started learning English at the Copey Learning Center when I was 8 years old and continued until I was18 when I graduated from high school.”

(Ariana left on 1st airplane ride…coming to the USA in 2017)

What is your overall assessment of the educational experience you had at the Copey Learning Center?


“I had a wonderful experience learning English at the Copey Learning Center. I loved meeting and learning from people from different cultures and backgrounds. I remember learning about food from different countries. We would also play a lot which made learning English really fun! I learned through theater plays, presentations, games, and songs. I learned a lot from volunteers who only spoke English.”

Emory & Henry College Visits Copey

Outstanding news regarding the recent visit to Copey by students and professors from Emory & Henry College. This is a most impressive visit to the community since it included ten students and two professors. Dr. Ed Davis and Dr. Shelley Koch led the students to Costa Rica following Thanksgiving with a full travel agenda.

There was a three day stop over in Copey. This visit provided Dr. Davis and Dr. Koch a variety of opportunities to visit farms, meet people involved in sustainable living practices, and a coffee plantation. Working with the Copey students was included.

Possibly, this was the most interactive and personally gratifying part of the trip for the professors, Copey Learning Center staff, and all of the students. Dr. Davis recently conveyed these thoughts to me:

“I think the trip was very successful. Our E&H students tell us that they had a great experience teaching the Copey kids this morning. A lot of credit should go to Anyela for all she has done for this. Tonight Catalina and Anyela and others will be hosting all of us for a dinner! It has been a great three days!”

There will be more information on the E&H College trip to Copey in future Posts.

The Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae Presentation

My annual presentation to the Delta Alumnae Sorority was historic. This gathering has never happened before in this fashion and will be included among the most memorable Copey events.

The timing for the presentation provided the opportunity to conduct an online gathering that included the E&H professors; Dr. Davis and Dr. Koch: Copey Learning Center staff; Catalina Cortes, Anyela Ulloa Mora, and Emma Terry: the Delta Alumnae Sorority members; President Vivian Terrell, and members Tiffany Carter, Cathy Osborn, and Pat Wright.

(Photo taken March 2019)

Copey Learning Center’s volunteer teacher Emma Terry, provided a comprehensive report on results of this final semester which ended two weeks earlier. We were all treated to an informative presentation. Based on the feedback from President Terrell, the presentation was much appreciated and well received.

Health Update on Bob Barnard

Several “Friends” have inquired about Bob Barnard’s health condition. The report of Bob’s medical issue was presented in the Post:

I spoke with him this morning. He is still in San Jose at a rehabilitation facility.

Bob is progressing and plans to return to the states soon to continue the medical services he needs to gain full recovery.

Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers. He still has serious medical challenges ahead.

3 thoughts on “There Is Joy In Difficult Seasons Of Life”

  1. Wonderful to hear the positive news on this growing community. Love Copey and the Learning Center and the ripples across cultures and countries.

  2. Great post, Scrapper! So much going on! Merry Christmas to all the Copey Friends! I was so blessed by our time in Copey this past week, where the children showed us their light! They were full of energy and curiosity. Our college students from Emory & Henry had a great time teaching them English using some outdoor games. And we had wonderful conversations with the adults in the community, includng especially Catalina, Lorena, and James. Also met up with Anyela, of course, who was a great help! Copey is now one of my favorite places on the planet.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, Scrapper, and all the Friends of Copey.
    I love reading all the posts about the Learning Center and the progress the children are making in their studies. I am proud to be a small part of this project. May God continue to bless these efforts and bring peace and love to all involved.

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