Live Life in Gratitude

Live Life in Gratitude!

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  By John F. Kennedy

Copey News…!

The semester is winding down and it has been an exciting time at the Copey Learning Center. Much progress has been accomplished as the center continues to increase its on-site education services previously impacted by Covid-19. 

There is nothing but great things to say about Emma. She has been the right person at the right time to be in Copey.

Emma’s prior experience with time spent in Spain, together with her education and experience in being similar surroundings has allowed her to comfortably and confidently do her work as a volunteer teacher in Copey.

Emma is moving closer to the final days of school as her students prepare school ending projects. Final presentations are scheduled for November 25th.

Another project underway is a local “Newsletter” she and her students have developed for the community. This is a creative way to connect the community by sharing news and events as well encouraging the older students to use their English education skills.

Truly, if I had a magic wand…I would wish to keep her in Copey longer because she is a “difference maker”.

She makes a difference not only as a volunteer teacher but as a member of the adult community. I would just say…”she is a natural fit.” “She is an amazing teacher and person” is what is said from Copey about Emma. We all agree and are grateful.

Other News…!

Long time “friend and devoted supporter”, Robert (Bob) Barnard was hospitalized a week ago in San Jose. Bob’s medical condition has improved some and he is now in a rehabilitation facility located in San Jose.

Bob is from my area in Washington state. Following his retirement, he relocated to Jaco, Costa Rica to live. He is responsible for me being in Costa Rica in the first place in January 2011.

Bob and I were in Costa Rica again in January 2013.

He was with me when I had my life changing meeting in Copey with Seidy, founder of the Copey Learning Center.

Bob is a significant donor of funds and has provided needed equipment support to the Copey Learning Center over the time of this project. We all owe our heartfelt thanks to Bob and I request your thoughts and prayers for his quick and full recovery.

Thank you Bob. You have our gratitude! Get well soon!

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