There’s A Gathering Over Yonder

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your words, a smile, and a grateful heart.”  By Zig Ziglar

You are Givers!

Yes, they are here…in the United States. Yes, they are at the Emory & Henry College campus. We are overjoyed to have our Copey students and chaperone in the wonderful southwest Virginia.

I am departing in hours to catch a flight to Virginia to join them for a short few days. Upon arrival early tomorrow, I will have lunch with them and then we get ready for the amazing “Welcoming Reception” scheduled later tomorrow evening.

Be certain…”There’s a gathering over yonder”! Hope some of you get there.

The Emory & Henry College hosts have been very busy over the past two days. Yesterday was spent at the famous Hungry Mother State Park which included sunshine, beach time, and time in the lake water.

Today, according to reports, a road tour included visiting some historical sites, birding watching, and even some fishing.

There is so much to squeeze in before camp begins on Monday leaving very little time for running around with these hyper-active hosts. Wild and crazy times are  limited and this is why I am rushing to get there for the reception.

Donations Still Needed…!

Shown is the latest report on the donations received and those a few reported as in the mail (not yet received). There is still a shortage based on the information we have. If you had planned to donate and have not as of this Post, please send me a note to express your intentions. Overall, we have done extremely well. Thank you all. See donation instructions below.


Safe Travels Genna…!

Please remember our great volunteer who is departing tomorrow for Copey.  Genna MacFarlan will most likely become the headmaster of one of the greatest English based learning centers in Costa Rica, the moment she arrives. She can do it.

We know she will do well. We know the Copey Community will open their arms and their hearts to the wonderful volunteer who plans to go and place her mark on the history of the Copey Learning Center.


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