Thank You Friends of Copey

“You see, we are here, as far as I can tell, to help each other; our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our enemies. That is to help each other and not hurt each other.”  Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Campaign for Pathway

With our first week into the Pathway Project fundraising campaign, I am very encouraged with the results so far. The Progress Chart report covers what has been received and what has also been reported as on the way. Some donors have indicated making a donation but did not provide the amount. And, I am certain there are donations on the way but have not been reported to me. Thanks again for the support and generosity.

Also, I have my ticket in hand to travel to Virginia. I want to help welcome our guests and attend the planned reception.

Our Copey Guests…!

In only a few days, Pathway Project students, Anyela (left) and Fabiana (right) will be boarding an airplane for their very first time, heading to the United States. They will be accompanied by their chaperone, Catalina Cortes, who will be making her second journey with Copey students.

Who can measure the joy or the short and long impact this journey will have on these two students? These young ladies are joining the list of nine Copey students who traveled to the United States earlier as Pathway Project students since 2016.

Both Anyela and Fabiana have grown up hearing the Pathway Project students tell their stories about visiting the United States. They have heard the wonderful stories about meeting all the caring folks (“Friends”) who hosted them during their visit.

And, they have heard the stories about meeting students and making new friends as they participated in camp during their week as Young Scholars.

Many of these stories will come to life for Anyela and Fabiana personally as they accumulate their own special memories to take back home to share.

The Welcoming of Guests

However, one major memory all students return home to Copey share with their Copey community is the welcoming reception held for our Copey guests. “Friends of Copey” will gather Sunday evening for an evening of food and celebration to welcome the guests to Emory & Henry College and to southwest Virginia. 

That evening at the reception, Copey students and chaperone will see first hand and for the first time they meet many of the people who have supported the Pathway Project. This in person experience is priceless for both students and the “Friends” who attend.

Just call it a magical evening. After nine years being “Friends”, this is the only time when “Friends” assemble in one place and have students as the centerpiece of our attention and affection. The students are why we have been “Friends of Copey” and continue to be the best “Friends” we can be.                      Share the magic…!

Another Major News Flash..!

Next weekend, Genna MacFarlan, a recent graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, will be heading to Copey.

Genna is from Washington state having grown up in my community. She is very eager to make this journey to Copey to work for several weeks as a volunteer teacher.

She will be extremely helpful since she will immediately assume some of the Copey Learning Center’s duties while the chaperone is with the Pathway Project students in the United States.

Genna has long wanted the experience of being in another country as a volunteer sharing her time and talents. We will keep you informed on Genna’s unique experience in Copey.


The latest word from the Copey Learning Center is a plea for one or more volunteers to help with the center. There is a serious need for teachers to support the growing demand for in person or on site education at the center. There is still some reluctance for volunteers to travel and commit about three months when all has not returned to completely back to normal in Post Covid-19.

Know of a teacher wanting to make a difference…Look into the Copey Learning Center.


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