We Can Do A Little…!

“Nobody made a greater mistake than the one who did nothing because only a little could be done.”   By Edmund Burke

Costa Rica Covid-19 Update…!

The most recent news is reporting both private and public schools are being shut down as of May 24th due to the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. It appears both types of schools will transition to virtual learning until June 24th. This is to help slow down the spread of the virus and to provide time for more teachers to get vaccinated. Teachers are being prioritized for immediate vaccinations.

The Copey Learning Center is already virtual so it has little impact on the Copey students working with our Dream Team II.

Another Profile of Dream Team II…!

Hina Fatima…”a servant’s heart”

Hina is originally from karachi, Pakisatan and now lives in California. She is a foreign medical graduate (MD) working as an online mental health coach in the United States. She is help people overcome their fears and emotional struggles in order to reach their potential. Also, she works as a community outreach officer for the Council of American Islamic Relations and has worked in clinical research for three years previously.

Her community service includes being a Kiwanis member. She is affiliated with the Girls Scouts of Southern California, and “Mom’s Club”.

Hina is an avid reader and enjoys writing while also enjoying being a world traveler. She has supportive ties with welfare organizations located in both Pakistan and Uganda.

With Copey she has the first and second grade students and excels in this age group perhaps because she has two daughters currently 7 and 10 years old. Her connection with Friends of Copey goes back to 2015 when I wrote about her in a Post to honor her for service to her community in California. I invite you to visit that Post by clicking on the link below.
Again, this project has attracted many people over the years and Hina provides a strong testimony regarding the importance and value of our work. I deeply admire and appreciate her community service. As she serves her community and the world, it is an honor that she also finds “Friends of Copey” worthy of her time and talents.
Hina shares these comments: “I am loving the experience and my passion to help people either children or adults shows in my work.” 

Dream Team III…Recruitment

In a few weeks, this semester will end and we will enjoy another term of success. A conference meeting was held last Saturday and all Dream Team Members were present. What a glorious time! The meeting set the stage for the final weeks of school for this semester.

The next Dream Team is needed. Probably one or two of the current members will continue. However, we are certain there will be a need for five or six more new volunteers. “Friends of Copey” is loaded with past and current school educators with “hearts of servants”. This is a one hour a week job you will never forget.

Perhaps you or someone you would recommend would be added to the next Dream Team ready to spend an hour a week….making a difference! Help us build this team.

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  1. Congratulations and thanks to all of the wonderful Dream Team II teachers. So happy to read that teachers in Copey are being vaccinated. Hoping for a brighter future for everyone in Costa Rica and for our friends in Copey.

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