Saluting Great Americans….!

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”  Rev. Charles R. Swindoll


I enjoy the opportunity to salute those in my family, friends, and all the other men and women who served in our country’s military. Many of you “Friends” have already been introduced to a very special veteran, Curtis (Duck) Montgomery, now 100 years old (shown below). He was highlighted in last year’s Veterans Day Post and he is still going strong. Our best wishes are extended to this great American.

Curtis MontgomeryAs is my custom, I also wish to offer a special salute to Lou, Gene, Charles, Carlos, Dwight, Stevie, and Adam for their service to our country. And a most special recognition is extended in memory of Danny Watkins, Michael Charles, Kenneth Delaney, and Frank Campbell. All were friends and school classmates who served in Viet Nam. Danny, Michael, and Frank died in battle while Kenneth was tragically killed while home on leave. Each year I pause to recognized them along with those in my family who served in World War I and II. As a veteran, I stand proudly and salute them all.


Recall, last week I promised you some really BIG news. Today, I will let you in on it but I still have to be a little cautious. We are still working on portions of the whole initiative and we do not want to get too far ahead of ourselves. So hang in with us as we start today to share the info and will continue to update you as the weeks/months go by.

From the very beginning of this “Friends of Copey” project, one of the key initiatives was to establish a pathway for one or more Copey students to attend my alma mater, Emory & Henry College located in Virginia. This is a complicated initiative involving at least three major components and each must be in place to be successful. As of now, the first of the three components involving some partial funding commitments has been put in place. This is a significant achievement as we now move to the next step involving the selection of a high school senior or high school graduate from Copey to attend a short summer course on the Emory & Henry College campus in early summer 2016. More details will be shared on this initiative as we make more progress. There are a few people to really thank for their support on this but we will showcase them in the near future.

Oh yes, there is a second initiative in the works with the college but these details will also be provided later. Stay tuned in!

K-Kids on Parade

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Jefferson Elementary K-Kids (Kiwanis Kids) plan to connect with the Learning Center students using the Skype technology which allows for live face to face communication. If we can successfully get the technology to work, K-kids will be introduced to kids at the Learning Center and will begin the process of the students really getting to know one another. To date, they have exchanged Pen Pal letters.

zzzKiwanisThis Skype hook up may be the first of its kind…K-Kids talking and working with kids from another country. If we are not the first, I am sure we will soon hear otherwise. There are many unique opportunities for all the kids involved to work together on environmental projects, recycling, learning about geography, cultures, and much more. This is just another initiative that deserves your prayers and best wishes. Over time, we will pursue setting up additional K-Kids connections with the Learning Center from all over the country.

While on the subject of Kiwanis and kids, I wish to bring to your attention some news about a “Cyber” Kiwanis Club, a club whose members stay connected via conference calls, emails, and chat rooms instead of weekly lunch meetings. As a Blogger, I meet some very interesting and wonderful people who share similar interests. Please get to know Dr. Hina Fatima who was born in Karachi Pakistan, zzzzzDr. Hina Fatima Awardnow lives in the US, and married with two small children. She suspended her practice as an MD to raise her children and is also a very active Kiwanian. She has been a devoted supporter of “Friends of Copey”.

zzzzDr. FatimaYou can learn more about Dr. Fatima and her unique (cyber) Kiwanis Club by viewing  Recently, she was awarded the “Distinguished Service Award for 2014-2015”  by her club and also was installed as a board member.

Dr. Fatima is involved in helping young kids in Uganda by raising funds to cover shipment costs associated with sending books to these kids in need. For more details on this, please go to If you can help, please go to

Dr. Fatima, on behalf of all Kiwanians who are “Friends” following this Blog, our congratulations are extended to you on your award and best wishes during your term as board member. You are just another example of one with the “heart of a servant” and “Friends” appreciate your support.

I will end this week’s Post with just some of my latest photos from the Learning Center. It is a real joy to see these students at work and to know as “Friends” we are a very integral part of their everyday experience as students and developing young men and women. Thank you.

20151105_092528  20151105_100919  20151105_092520

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  1. Great to read this news about Emory & Henry. Way to go!! I love reading about the K-Kids and look forward to reading all the other news that is forthcoming. Thanks for sharing. My students had a wonderful time looking at the Friends of Copey website.

  2. What wonderful work is happening at Copey. Love the idea of having a student come up for a Us school experience.

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