So Loved The World…!

Happy Easter to All…

My best wishes to all as we acknowledge the Easter gift we all have received…forgiveness!

The Copey Learning Center resumes classes today following the country’s Holy Week celebration. Now, there is expected an uninterrupted string of weeks of education until their winter and our summer break.

The current student count seems lower than it is when in-house. The on-line classes causes various challenges for students and families. Much has to do with personal and internet issues at home. These challenges tend to smooth out as time passes…so we are hopeful.

Mariana’s Highlight…!

Last week’s student installment of “Where Are They Now?”, generated several comments from “Friends”. Some comments included:

“Great story – Mariana is a real star!” Ed D.

“Thanks for sharing a new photo of Mariana. I always loved reading about her many successes, especially the spelling bee each year. So happy to read that she is doing so well.”  Lisa B.

“Great story…Mariana is the light we see at the end of the tunnel.” Marsha B. 

Where Are They Now…!

Celeste Ulloa is our sixth Pathway Project recipient being highlighted. She was one of the first two recipients in 2016 selected to participate in this project. She was joined by Noelia whom we reported on earlier and shown below during their visit to the United States.

They both were ideal recipients to start off this very new program. Celeste represents the type of “ambassador” and student leader we all had in mind.

After graduation, Celeste continued her close relationship with the Copey Learning Center while exploring new educational/career options.

When the pandemic hit Copey and forced the shut down of the Center in March 2020, the Copey director soon left her position out of necessity. This caused a temporary leadership void that needed to be filled. Celeste was selected to help keep things together while the Center struggled with the virus crisis.

In the Fall of 2020, Celeste helped implement the first Copey “Distance Learning” project which resulted in Copey students being taught by volunteer teachers we now proclaim to be the “Dream Team”. Then, she orchestrated the November celebration marking the end of the semester of on-line teaching. Today, she is spearheading the implementation of the first semester of the 2021 On-line Education Project by coordinating services with a new talented group of volunteer teachers.

She has been helping us get to know better some of the students. Here is an interview she produced featuring one of the younger students.

It is very unusual that we (Friends) get to work along side a Pathway Project recipient…especially in a leadership position. It is a joy!

Celeste knows the work of the Center and is familiar with the Board of Directors, the students and families. For certain, this is a huge challenge for her under these pandemic conditions but we are all working closely doing what we can to make this year a success.

Celeste provided this update on her life since she traveled to the United States in 2016. Celeste says: 

“Here are some of my experiences after the Pathway Project. There has been many and I don’t think that I could summarize all of them and send a short story. So here are some things about me:

I got my high school Diploma in 2018.  While I was studying, I created as many experiences as I could. I participated in the students´ festival art and I was selected as vice-president of the high school twice. I participated in spelling bee and I enrolled with the Youth Red Cross. 
After my diploma, I took a few sabbatical months to do some research on what to study. Eight months later the Learning Center Board asked me to work with them as Executive Director Assistant. I accepted and 3 months later I started in the College world in the Software Development career. Sadly, I was not ready for it yet but I certainly learned a lot. Probably in a few years I may finish this career or get involved in some other technology area. 
Currently, I am working in the Center once more in charge of the Executive Director position and I am teaching Spanish classes, too.
Also, I am preparing for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certification. And, I am still in Youth Red Cross and belong to an Art Academy too. Both are very important in my life.
I plan to start my college classes in May focusing on Business Administration. I am looking forward to entering once again in college. 
I can not finish my story without saying thank you. All the experiences that I have had since I returned from Virginia has helped me to be the person that I am now. It opened my mind to new possibilities for others and myself.

Final Word

Stories such as Celeste’s and other Pathway Project recipients clearly point to the fact that “Friends” has been successful helping students with access to English education. But these stories go much further showing that we are involved in helping build dreams. Each of these Pathway Project recipients share several things in common. One commonality is obviously the desire to look towards the future and to dream of what could be.

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  1. Thanks to Celeste for all she has accomplished during a very difficult year. I applaud her for her efforts and wish her all the best as she continues making dreams come true for students in Copey and for herself. Great job!

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