Inspiring the Dreamers…!

“All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”  By Brian Tracy

On Our Way!

The proverbial “train has left the station” is this week’s slogan. The new Dream Team is full steam ahead providing on-line English education to the living rooms and kitchens of several students residing in Copey.

I witnessed several classes last week and the experience was very uplifting. Our current volunteer teachers are just amazing. I enjoyed seeing students responding and participating in their classes. The process (internet based) is very challenging involving different services, hookups, and personal electronic devices. And, teachers are showing patience and professionalism whenever needed. We should be very encouraged and proud of what is going on.

As promised, I am gathering more details about our current volunteer teachers and expect to launch a series of profiles starting next week.

Why “Dream Team”?

The term “Dream Team” originated from the U.S. basketball team that won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. This was the first American Olympic team to feature active professional players from the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team was described by journalists around the world as the greatest sports team ever assembled as they easily earned the Gold Medal.

Other countries with Olympic basketball teams simply could not compare or compete with the 1992 Dream Team. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson represented the best basketball players in the world. These and other members of this first Dream Team brought their special, unique, and extraordinary skills together to produce the team’s synergy…results one could only dream of in the world of basketball competition.
So, is there a connection between the greatest team ever assembled and the group of volunteer teachers serving the English educational needs of Copey students? I confess having some bias, but I certainly think there is at least, a small connection.

The first Copey Dream Team of volunteer teachers assembled for the Copey Learning Center was comprised of teachers with well established credentials and years of educational success. Most of these teachers were extraordinary having been honored and recognized for their careers in education. They came together for only the purpose of sharing their time and talents with students in Copey.

And, the first Dream Team went beyond just the who or what the teachers were. The Dream Team inspired many students to become “dreamers”. Therefore, our original concept of the Dream Team evolved to a more useful and meaningful purpose…to not just teach but to inspire students to dream of the many opportunities [English] education would prepare them for in their future.

Our second Dream Team is now hard at work as the “train has departed”. As a team they make up another extraordinary group of outstanding volunteers representing men and women, both active and retired high school and college educators. This team includes a representative of the medical field and volunteers from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Every volunteer with all of their experiences and talents now share the goals of teaching English and inspiring students to dream.

In my opinion, we stand alone again. We do not know of any other team of international volunteer teachers working together to support a small rural community…possible exception being a major church or national government agency. “Friends of Copey” continues to be different…“making a difference”.

A comment to share…

“Thanks to Celeste for all she has accomplished during a very difficult year. I applaud her for her efforts and wish her all the best as she continues making dreams come true for students in Copey and for herself. Great job!”  Lisa B.



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  1. I am so impressed with the work of these volunteer teachers. Back in the fall several students from my Emory & Henry College Geography class were on the first team and they really benefited from the experience. If Copey needs online teachers in the fall, I will work to get more E&H students involved again!!

  2. Hats off to all of the Dream Team members, the Copey Learning Center team, and the students for determination and dedication, especially given the technology issues and Covid. Thanks to you, Scrapper, for keeping us informed of all that continues to shine for CLC! Lisa B.

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