Wake Up and Dream…!

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  By Paul Valery

The Copey Learning Center’s first week of on-line education is now complete and the new volunteer teachers are busy settling in. Early reports indicate things went very well overall. This second week there are still a few adjustments being made. 

We are very fortunate to have a strong team of teachers on board. I am gathering background information on the teachers to share with you later. Be assured, “Dream Team II” is very special.

Where Are They Now…?

This is our fourth student update on those who participated in the Pathway Project. Fatima Leiva Chinchilla was a 2017 Pathway recipient when she traveled to the United States. She was another excellent representative of the Copey Learning Center and the Copey community.

We were very blessed to have such wonderful students permitted by their parents to participate in the Pathway Project. The students learned early that academic success has rewards.

Fatima traveled with another Copey student recipient (Ariana) to the United States. Both became part of a featured story in the Emory & Henry College Alumni magazine, Fall-Winter 2017 issue with the Pathway Project being highlighted.

Fatima met many “Friends of Copey” while visiting the college. Several “Friends” are affiliated with the college and greeted the students with love and affection. Fatima is quoted in the Alumni magazine saying, “I felt part of a new family, the E&H family.”

After completing the two week trip to the United States, Fatima returned home to Copey and continued her educational pursuits. As expected, Fatima is well on her way to a successful career as a young adult. She provided us the following update:

“My name is Fátima Alicia Leiva Chinchilla, I was in the Pathway Project in 2017. After the trip [to the United States], I continued in an International Baccalaureate with the idea to
keep expanding my knowledge and open to know new environments.
I received my degree 2 years later and afterward, I got into college, in 2019 (in the TEC, Tecnológico de Costa Rica) to study Computer Engineering, an interdisciplinary area between computer studies and electronics.
Nowadays, I am in my third-year career, and I have had the pleasure to participate in a women´s symposium and do academic assistance in my career. At this time, I am applying to get my professional internship in other countries with the purpose to keep knowing different environments. I am motivated to learn new languages so during the pandemic time I started to learn Italian on my own and I am really enjoying it.”

Final Words…!

“Once again, congratulations to the great Aunt Katherine, and best wishes to the new Dream Team. You will love those students!” Lisa B.
“Wonderful news! I am so glad that the Copey Center is back in action! And Katherine Johnson gets recognized again!!!” Edward D.
“First class down and they were great!” Jane R.

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