Copey Learning Center Delays Start-Up!

“That month spent in the most special place on earth shaped my life in a way I’ll never be able to explain.”  By Kara Stewart

Center’s Opening Postponed!

My plans today included announcing the opening of the on-line English educational classes conducted by the Copey Learning Center. Things have changed a bit. There is a one week opening delay to allow all the needed registrations and instructional preparations to be completed. The Center has a little more schedule flexibility than the local public schools. We hope to be fully operating next Monday.

Comments Received…!

One “Friend” remembers the 2016 Pathway Project student (Noelia Monge Rodriquez), we highlighted last week.

“I remember Noelia visiting in 2016 and had the pleasure of

meeting her and sharing her native dancing with our MSHS Class of 66 50th Class Reunion. We were inspired and awed by those two young ladies. I have been a “Friend of Copey” ever since and have continued to be inspired by the efforts of the Copey community in supporting talented young students. The students and teachers are all awesome and I am delighted to be a part of this international effort. Congratulations, Noelia, on your continued success!” Kay F.

“You all have done an exceptional job of continuing the path for Copey. Art et al deserve so much praise, especially the families of Copey and its FRIENDS!!!”  Martha P.

Where Are They Now…?

This week we highlight Lourdes Monge. She traveled to the United States in 2018 under the “Pathway Project”. Lourdes was a pure delight for us all to meet. Full of energy and engaging, she had no apparent shyness or reluctance meeting and talking with new people…in English. 

Lourdes is very self-aware and confident which her brief bio clearly confirms. She is preparing for a career which will place her among all types of people…including strangers.

Similar to all of the students who have journeyed to the United States, Lourdes is very impressive and an excellent role model for younger students to watch and follow. With her outgoing personality and love for education, she will reach her goals. We all wish her continued success.

Please read the short update on her progress since she returned home from the United States.

Lourdes Monge
“My name is Lourdes, and I am 19 years old, I went to Emory and Henry College in 2018, and it was an incredible experience where I had the opportunity to meet amazing people. In this same year, I finished high school. In 2019 I entered the University of Costa Rica to study Ecotourism, I’m already in my third year, I really like it because it is a way to relate to nature, take
care of it but encouraging the enjoyment of people from Costa Rica and other countries so I will put into practice English which is something that I like a lot.  Thanks to this career I have been able to meet a lot of incredible places and people.”  (See Lourdes photos on Homepage slider)                                       

Final Comment!

I believe it is impossible to be a part of the changing of the life of another without also being changed in some way. As “Friends” we have been placed in positions to help improve and perhaps even significantly alter the pathway of someone’s life.
Today’s opening quote is from Kara Stewart, an Emory & Henry College graduate who spent a month in Copey in 2018. We are also changed.

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