If Important…Just Do It…Against All Odds

“What is all the fuss about? I was only doing my job!”  By Katherine G. Johnson

February 24, 2020

This date a year ago, a very special lady moved on to a special universe out there someplace beyond the stars…Heaven.

Katherine Johnson may have left this earthly stage but her legacy and memories still continue. Just this week she made headlines once more.

“The S.S. Katherine Johnson, a Northrop Grumman Cygnus capsule, launched on Friday bearing some 8,000 pounds of science and research supplies and vehicle hardware. This spaceship is headed to the International Space Station and is due to arrive today (Monday).”

It was March 7th, 2020 when many family members and friends gathered at the Hampton University Convocation Center in Virginia to celebrate Aunt Katherine’s life and sunset. The event was as beautiful as she was…1st class. And, her work ethic was “if it is important enough…never mind the odds, just do it!”

We all were unaware during Aunt Katherine’s farewell gathering that Covid-19 would soon take over our lives. As expected, Aunt Katherine’s launch time was perfect…she left us right on schedule ahead of the virus. Some photos of Aunt Katherine are on the Homepage slider.

I believe today’s quote sums up her life and her work.

Special Announcement…!

You received the announcement on Friday regarding the outstanding success with our fundraising campaigns. We have much to celebrate…and thank you all.

Some comments received:

More success! So many good friends of Copey out there! Ed. D.

Congratulations on reaching your goals! Thanks to all of the supporters! Stephanie T.

Wow what a terrific announcement! Way to go! Cynthia M.

YIPPE, and congratulations to everyone involved in this very special learning, teaching, and giving experience! Lisa B.

WooHooo!! Monica H.

Way to go Arturo!! Excellent showing from your followers. These kids, down here, will really benefit from this! Robert B.

Volunteer Teachers Needed…!

The Copey Learning Center’s starting date to resume the on-line education service for Copey students is getting closer.

We have some volunteers being processed now but we are still in need of two or three more volunteers to be fully staffed.

There are only a couple weeks left to obtain the additional volunteers. Many teachers and retired teachers are among “Friends” and I encourage each one to consider being a volunteer or reaching out to a colleague who may have an interest. Contact me directly at atbroady@aol.com. or contact the Copey Learning Center at info@copeylearningcenter.org.


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  1. Katherine is a true inspiration. I wish I could have known her and listened to her tell her stories. I’m sure there were lots of obstacles, but she did it, “Against All Odds.” How lucky for you, Scrapper, that you had such wonderful mentors like your aunt and your mother!! They are proud of you for sure.

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