Special Announcement

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (AGBSF)

AGBSF Goal: $600.00    Actual: $1,571.00  Deadline: Goal Achieved

Today, we proclaim victory for achieving our fundraising goals for the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and the Executive Director’s Salary Support.

We have received the funds to start the year in excellent financial shape.

Only a few days ago I reported the AGBSF had exceeded its goal. We are today far ahead of our goal. And, this is really a ground breaking achievement.

We are very pleased to have extra funds to reach more students. Thank you all.


Executive Director’s Salary Support (EDSS)

ED Salary Support Goal: $1,400.00  Actual: $2,143.00 Deadline: Goal Achieved

Also, we declare our victory with the EDSS campaign. This is a real major accomplishment especially in record breaking time. Historically, this campaign takes longer to achieve and requires more effort. Not this year as we have significantly surpassed our target.

“Friends” are Supporters!

Most “Friends” know this effort depends entirely on three kinds of supporters for this project to be successful. And, the “Friends of Copey” has been successful for over seven years.

There are “Friends” who pray for our devoted efforts to make a positive difference in young lives. Prayers are essential!

And, we have “Friends” who are very strong optimists and believers in the “possibilities” of life. Believers that if there is a will…then there must be a way! Possibilitarians are essential!

And many “Friends” are inspired (some divinely inspired) to support this project financially. These open up their check books and willingly and generously share their financial resources, invest their financial resources, in the hopes and dreams of a community. Financial supporters are essential!

To be very clear, most “Friends” are either two or all three of these types of supporters. Hence, our consistent success!

Closing Comment

We are closing both campaigns. Goals have been successfully achieved. Any donor still inspired to donate is encouraged to wait for word on our 2021 Pathway Project. No funds were requested last year because the Pathway Project was shut down by Covid-19. The final plans for 2021 are unknown today.






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  1. YIPPE, and congratulations to everyone involved in this very special learning, teaching, and giving experience. As always, thank you Arthur Broady!

  2. Way to go Arturo!! Excellent showing from your followers. These kids, down here, will really benefit from this. The Costa Rican virus count is down to 400 or less a day, so the country is doing well on that front.

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