Known By The Fruit

“Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.” Matthew 7:20

No Doubt! 

It is simply a factor of aging for me to spend as much time remembering the past as I spend looking toward the future.  The past has been great and memorable. Also, just as a good old memory lingers, like wine it gets better with age. I marvel sometimes at the history of this project and it is worthy of time spent reflecting…let me dream on and be thankful.

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.    By Lionel Hampton

Also, hopefully I have learned to pay close attention to where I am going by learning the lesson, appreciating, and understanding where I have been!

Where are you and I going with Copey? We, “Friends” are heading straight into our eighth year driven with optimism, promise, and great expectations. This drives us because we do know, understand, and appreciate where we have been over the prior seven years.

We do have challenges waiting ahead as always. The next home for the Copey Learning Center is still undetermined. Classes should resume in less than two months and a home is being sought for the center. How will the virus impact student attendance and participation? And, how will the virus impact recruiting efforts for skilled English teachers from outside of the country?

These and other issues are being addressed. And, for us, we are planning to be ready and supportive when the time comes, whenever the course or direction is decided on.

As we began in 2014 and have continued, we will initiate our annual fundraising efforts to support needed scholarships. Also, our support for the Executive Director’s salary will continue. These official fundraising campaigns will begin with next week’s Post as we announce our fundraising goals for 2021.

Several “Friends” have already donated funds. Therefore, we have a great head start on reaching our targets as we have always done before.

Thank You…!

Several comments were received following last week’s Post, both in our Comments section and via personal emails. I fully appreciate the fact “Friends” shared both experiences and views about Dr. King including comments about today’s current events, and a few personal references regarding me.

I am fully blessed to have “Friends” involved in this project who embrace Dr. King’s principles. “Friends” is devoted to a community of young students and “content of character” matters to us. I strongly feel we model Dr. King’s message.

“For each tree is known by its own fruit.”

“Friends” is well known for its work with the Copey Learning Center and in a small way, we represent our country’s better self.  Thank You!



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  1. I hope the Copey center can find a home in time for classes to start. Thanks for the update and inspiring words, Scrapper.

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