2020 Financial Scorecard

“Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life. Failure comes when we shrink from them.”       By John C. Maxwell

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

Wondering if we even have anything to report regarding the “Financial” elements of our “Friends of Copey” project? Well, we have much to report. In spite of the majority of the public school year being shut down, we have had a busy year.   

We began the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (AGBSF) campaign in early January 2020. COVID-19 was just around the corner waiting for us. In typical fashion, the campaign goal of $1,500.00 was reached allowing the funding of tuition for a minimum of 15 students needing financial assistance.

Additionally, one “Friend” requested we establish a four year scholarship for one designated Copey student. This was accomplished and represented a very unique start to a spin-off of the AGBSF. Our goal was achieved!

Executive Director Support Salary

Each year we commit to raising $2,000.00 to supplement a little less than 50% of the total annual salary provided to the Executive Director.

We succeeded in this effort and declared success just weeks before COVID-19 arrived.

Following the closure of schools, the Copey Learning Center’s education efforts continued by providing students educational materials for in-home use. Obviously, this educational method became very complicated and difficult to continue while “stay-at-home” policies were in place.

The Pathway Project Suspended

Our May 2020 Fundraising efforts for the Pathway Project was suspended. Copey Pathway Project recipients would not be permitted to travel to the United States because of travel restrictions, closures, and other COVID-19 issues. Consequently, we did not initiate a fundraising campaign.  

Emory & Henry College, our excellent partner, did conduct the June Summer Scholars program using “on-line” technology.

Our Copey Pathway Project recipients were invited to enroll in the Summer Scholars program on-line with other US students. We had three students participate and their tuition of $60.00 for each was covered by Emory & Henry College. Our students enjoyed their week-long class work, met new friends, and put to serious use their English communication skills.

Financial Wrap-Up…!

Long time “Friends” know we are very conservative when it comes to fundraising. We strongly believe we should only raise the funds needed to meet our objectives. And, we believe our support should supplement funds the Copey Learning Center self generates. We rely a great deal on in-kind and volunteer support.

In 2019, “Friends” generated a total of $8,558.00 for the three key areas of our financial support and we raised $10,530.00 to support the same areas in 2018. Our reduction was mostly due to volunteers and in-kind support.

Our 2020 fundraising results total $3,980.00 which includes $290.00 received later in the year after Copey Learning Center had been restricted. The huge difference in this year compared to prior years is reflected in the cancellation of the Pathway Project which accounts for ~55% of our annual revenue.

Although the public schools were closed in Copey, the Learning Center continued providing education to many of its students staying at home. Some of the AGBSF was used to help with this cost including material/equipment and expenses supporting the volunteer teacher who stayed in Copey a few months.

The Executive Director’s (ED) salary funds were partially used to support the ED’s salary as she continued working until summer. Some additional funds were used to pay the “on-line” educational services coordinator.

We estimate about 50% of all funds raised prior to the COVID-19 impacts have been used. The balance of unused funds will carry over into 2021.

Financial Victory is Ours!!!

Be reminded that “Friends” do not receive any personal compensation for any services rendered in support of “Friends of Copey”. This means no administration fees, salaries, or any other form of personal payment made to a “Friend”. We are blessed to accomplish what we can by the generosity of “Friends”.

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