A Farewell Thanks…!

“Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.” By Richard Bach

Closing Ceremony…!

This past Saturday, the Copey Learning Center conducted a “Closing Ceremony” as it closed one very unusual year. The ceremony was very special. Different from past closing ceremonies, this needed to be done via “virtual” distancing. This was an international affair with participants and attendees representing Costa Rica, Canada, and the United States.

The Copey students were the stars as they demonstrated what they learned during the past 15 weeks of “on-line” English education.

Some of the demonstrations proved emotional. We could hear the voices of several students saying goodbye to their teachers and the love and respect were certainly noticeable. No mistaken, there has developed a strong relationship between the Copey students and the teachers.

We believe we will have a video of the ceremony to share soon. There were several technical issues with the internet service and staff will try to clean up some of the problems before sending out a video version. I will share it with you when I receive it. Many thanks for all the people who participated and contributed to one amazing project. I am happy to call everyone “Friends”.

Happy Thanksgiving again to all!

Thanksgiving week was full of reasons to be thankful and I encourage everyone to continue seeing the positive in life as we move forward. “Friends” are similar to light houses. We are fixed, strong, and dependable. We are purveyors of “positive expectations and results”…we are a beaming light. Make everyday…a day of thanks by finding someone to say “thanks” to.

Final Word…!

Remember the day last March 2020 when the Copey Learning Center opened its doors for this school year? We did not anticipate Covid-19. And, we did not foresee the impact the virus would have on education in Copey. Our expectations then were very positive. We were looking forward to many wonderful months of education planned.

School closures began and our disappointment began as we hoped the shut down would be brief. Then there was the cancellation of the Pathway Project. The 2020 Pathway Project students were not able to travel to the United States as students had done since 2016. All this was painful but, we never gave up.

Instead, we enrolled the students into the Emory & Henry College’s Young Scholars Program “on-line”. Three Copey students worked together with United States students for a full week as “on line” participants.

Next, we were challenged with the second half of the school year being closed due to the virus. Again, we found a way to meet this challenge. Copey students signed up for “on line” English classes to continue their education. The Copey Learning Center and “Friends” partnered to form six groups of students and pulled together the “Dream Team” of teachers.

Being “possibilitarians” is never easy and everyone can not be one. Believing that anything is possible takes a special kind of person. When challenges arise and need to be confronted, we take action and failure is seldom the outcome. Our history is a solid record of achievements and this alone is much to be thankful for. Thank You!





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  1. Love the resiliency demonstrated and I just know it will continue to thrive in years and decades to come.

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