Unlocked Gratitude..!

“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.”  By Alphonse Karr

“On-Line” Educational Services…!

We can see the finish line! On November 28, the Copey Learning Center will celebrate the end of the school year. Graduation will go on as usual…but it won’t be usual.

The past 15 weeks have been unprecedented in terms of providing education in rural Costa Rica. By now, “Friends” know the story. You know the fact that we assisted in opening doors of opportunities for Copey students to continue learning although most public education services due to COVID-19, were either shut down or extremely limited to rural students.

Many of the student participants who attended the “on-line” educational services will be providing special presentations during the graduation services.

I am excited! This is a significant accomplishment and celebrating this on November 28 will be a fitting and parting conclusion.

Emory & Henry College Students Join In!

“Thanks for writing. The students are telling me they are really glad they joined the project. I think it has been a success. As for the future, let’s hope we can do more.” By Dr. Edward Davis
One of the “on-line” educational services’ benefits has been the inclusion of college students in this project. We could be breaking ground again with something new. College students working along side with our teaching team were provided access to Copey students as part of this “international” project. “Friends” enjoys the special partnership with Dr. Davis who has been a very active supporter of education in Copey.

Thank You Vets…!

It is worth noting that last week’s Post was well received. Taking time out to “thank our veterans” was well received. I am encouraged with notes and comments I received from “Friends” who appreciate our veterans and notes received from veterans who appreciate being recognized.

“Thank you to all our veterans!! You are the reason we are free and we cannot thank you enough.”  Kay F.



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