“Small Acts of Kindness…Wins!”

“Copey changed my life and I will cherish my experience there forever”.                   By    Kara Stewart, Emory & Henry College Student and Pathway Project Learning Center Volunteer 

Today, our Costa Rican guests have safely returned home to Copey. Their time spent with us was nothing short of amazing. This week, I will hold back on the written message and let you see some of the photos taken during their visit. They tell the story of an unforgettable experience for the students and a memorable time for all of us.

Emory 29 Emory 16Emory 27  Emory 15Emory group 10 Emory 26
Emory 30Emory 19

These photos are only the tip of the iceberg. Small acts of kindness were behind each photo taken. It was someone’s willingness to be involved that provided our guests with a vast array of experiences representing the many aspects of our lives and culture. Equally important, small acts of kindness appeared in financial donations as well. Both financial and in-kind support together formed impressions of kindness and their impressions have been taken back to Copey to be shared with others and will be relived many times.

Thanks again to everyone for being supportive and doing an unbelievable job hosting and going the extra mile (or two) to bring real meaning, life, and purpose to the “Pathway Project for 2018”.

I would like to close with a few comments written by my cousin, Zina Griffith. This is Zina’s first contact with the “Pathway Project” and her message is similar to many others who participated as “Pathway” hosts and supporters this year. Zina writes:

Dear Scrapper,
Congratulations, you finally devised a way to weave me into your vision. I was honored to be included in the greeting, hosting and serving of Ana, Dahiana, Lourdes, and Brian on their arrival to Washington, DC. Your grand vision has afforded so many of us the opportunity to contribute, hopefully, in meaningful and developmental ways. What a treat it was to witness the enthusiasm and excitement displayed by the scholars as we briefly toured around DC. Again, thank you Scrapper for figuring out how to include me into your wonderful journey.

Cousin Zina



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  1. I just posted this to Facebook. Great photos. Thank you so much, Scrapper, for the hard work YOU did to make the big stuff happen so the little things have a chance!

  2. Once again it is wonderful to see the evolution of learning through the august efforts of all associated with the Copey Learning Center. Those of us who are long in years, are especially grateful to know that the future will be ably cared for by this intelligent, thoughtful, and responsible new generation. Thanks also to Scrapper for his heart that is boundless.

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