Thanks to Friends

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

It has been one week since the Costa Rican guests landed in Washington, DC. Neither space nor time will allow me to cover all the many different places and experiences they have enjoyed since their arrival. No exaggeration! Each day has been a full day of planned activities.

One highlight was the (now) annual reception which involves many “Friends” gathering to officially welcome our guests. Our guest host treated us with emory group 11a sumptuous meal outside in wonderful country evening air. There were short presentations spoken in very good English provided by the students and a cultural dance routine the students created specifically for their trip to America.

Trampoline jumping, bowling, the theater, shopping malls, constant eating, and other activities made up the week. Places visited included site-seeing in DC, the Natural Bridge, the Luray Caverns, two church services, a concert, and Hungry Mother State Park to mention a few.  Emory group 10

Starting today, they all are on a different plan.  They are enrolled in the Summer Scholars Institute and Leadership program on the Emory & Henry campus. Lourdes and Brian will join other students from area schools and schools from other states in course study work on a variety of activities designed to broaden academic interests and building leadership skills.  emory group 12

Ana Yancy and Dihiana will participate in the Summer Scholars event by conducting classes on Costa Rican culture, history, and customs. More reports to follow.

Health Report

On a completely different note, several “Friends” are aware Braxton, my 10-year-old grandson, underwent a serious surgical procedure last Monday to correct a bone development problem in his chest. The operation went well and there has been no after surgery problems to speak of. Now, he is working to get his body healed and back to being a 10-year-old. Just slow going but we are certain he will soon be 100% back to normal.


There are no limits in gratitude I have for this life, my family and “Friends”, and the opportunity to see visions become reality. This past week alone I have said more heartfelt “Thank You’s” to others than you can imagine and came nowhere close to saying enough. I am very grateful.

“Thank You “Friends”

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Friends”

  1. Thank you for the updates. I was so excited to see that the students went to Hungry Mother!!!


    1. It is a real joy to take the guests around our home town and show many of the interesting and personal sites. Marion has a lot to see and enjoy. Thank you for the note.

  2. Dear Scrapper,
    Congratulations, you finally devised a way to weave me into your vision. I was honored to be included inthe greeting, hosting and serving of Ana, Dahiana, Lourdes, and Brian on their arrival to Washington, DC. Your grand vision has afforded so many of us the opportunity to contribute, hopefully, in meaningful and developmental ways. What a treat it was to witness the enthusiasm and excitement displayed by the scholars as we briefly toured around DC. As I read your blog, I can see the remaining portion of their visit has been amazing. It was a pleasure to also meet Monica from Emory and Henry, as we made the Pathway Project transfer. Thank you to Ana Dahiana, and the scholars for the delicious Costa Rican goodie bag. Thank you also Monica for the Emory & Henry insulated bag. Again, thank you Scrapper for figuring out how to include me into your wonderful journey. It has been my heartfelt pleasure. See you soon!
    Cousin Zina

    1. You did an amazing and unforgettable job. There is no one in or around Washington, DC more suitable to do what you did. Now, plan on next year!!!
      Love you, Cousin Scrapper

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