Education…Teaches Us Life Too!

“He (or She) who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”       By Muhammad Ali

I received word this week from the Copey Learning Center’s Board thanking “Friends” for the support we continually provide. “Thank you for your loyalty and commitment, people around the world follow and know about the Copey Learning Center”, says the Copey Learning Center Board.

Well, it is true that others are watching with some interest in the ongoing

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Data from Week 2/February 2018

relationship between the Copey Learning Center and “Friends of Copey”. I see the evidence of non-USA and non-Costa Rican visitors each week checking in on this Blog. For example, the stats from my Blog report covering site visits indicate the locations site visits originate. The snapshot provided is an example of countries in addition to the USA and Costa Rica. There are even more countries including Brazil, and Thailand frequently showing up.

Some have suggested these odd visits happen simply by people accidentally clicking on my Blog. Of course, I am not totally convinced it is 100% accidental. I have watched these stats for about 5 years and it is not easy to explain as simply as an accidental visit to this site. Sometimes, I think there are folks who check in out of curiosity about how “Friends” works so effectively on an international project. Many communities have the same educational issues Copey has and they are looking for answers. The key point both the Board and I are making is this project is more widely known than we may think. And that is the truth!

“Pathway Project 2018”

Last week you met Lourdes and this week please meet Brian Steven Rodríguez Torres. Brian is also preparing to travel to the USA in June. He is now 16 years old and has been a Copey Learning Center student for seven years. His application for “Pathway Project 2018” revealed his strong interest in soccer and cultural related topics such as the various foods found in Costa Rica. He is acquainted with many different cuisines and looks forward to sharing some of these during his time at Emory & Henry College. Here is a comment he provided;  Brian and Lourdes. 2

“If I will have the opportunity to play on a soccer team in USA or another place or country that speaks English I need to communicate easier with my teammates or my coach.  And, the other thing is when the people who come to Costa Rica, I need to talk with them to explain the culture, tradition and other things that we have in Costa Rica.”

We look forward to Brian’s arrival. We know this opportunity to meet and connect with US students will have a positive and memorable impact on him. We also hope he will return home to Copey as a strong and positive ambassador especially for other young men in his community needing some inspiration to continue their education.

“The Utah Express”

The educational guestsMeadow-Elementary from Meadow Elementary School in Lehi, Utah, are working on the final details of their travel to Copey. Their travel upon arrival, housing, meals, and a host of other plans are being worked out to make certain everyone will have a very great time and little or no glitches. This is one of the more exciting events “Friends” has been involved in. Keep watching for updates.

School Shooting!

We continue to pray for peace and comfort for the family and friends who lost loved ones in the recent Florida shooting. We pray for the whole community and hope there will be sane and reasonable solutions which will provide greater safety for our school students all throughout our country.

Rev. Billy Graham

When I was a kid living in southwest Virginia, Rev. Billy Graham was  practically a household name. North Carolina is only an hour or so from home and early television viewing often included regional church revivals and religious services conducted by Rev. Graham.  All of my family and the community knew of Rev. Billy Graham. Very few national and international ministers have risen to his level of gospel preaching, his level of scrutiny and personal inquiry, and his level of religious impact on the modern-day world. He never lost his focus on the message of salvation to all regardless of race, color, or creed. I am certain he is welcomed Home!















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