Learning…Not a Spectator Sport!

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.”     (Chinese Proverb) 

A new month and new opportunities to make differences in the lives of kids. As “Friends” I hope we share this optimism each month if not each day. We are capable of being “difference makers” and our brief history has established this to be true.

Posts Documented!

Recently, I received the collection of my Posts written in 2017. These Friends Books 3were the electronic versions transferred into hard copies and then placed into a booklet. I am thrilled each year to take possession. Nothing replaces the thrill of holding these booklets, flipping from page to page, and having available to share with others I meet.

Beverly Eads is a most cherished “Friend” and is totally responsible for this work. This is notFriends Books 2 easy work as she combs over each word and photo in each Post. She wants this to be perfect.

Bev supports “Friends” in this very unique fashion by providing me one of the very few tangible items related to “Friends of Copey”. There is no office, no furniture, no company car, or anything owned by “Friends”… but we have these Posts bound, documenting our history and our work. Amen! 

I seldom leave home now without a booklet traveling with me. I often have conversations about “Friends” and I enjoy having a booklet to share. “Priceless!” So, thank you Bev…!

Utah Express Update…!

All systems still showing “green to go”.  The Meadow Elementary School team of educators are leaving in a couple of weeks for Costa Rica and are now finalizing their itinerary for

Utah team
Ms. Watters, Ms. Johnson (Principal), Ms. McMullen, and Ms. Christiansen

their time inside the country.

They will be in Copey from March 18 until March 21st. Not only are they delivering the donated school supplies, they will volunteer in the Learning Center classroom, visit with our great friends Larry and Cindy (transplants from Phoenix), visit the local elementary school, take some tours, be guests at a special evening performance by those talented Copey Learning Center students, and treated with a dinner with the Copey community. Obviously, this is a non-stop schedule and filled with rich experiences to take back to Utah.  There are some real “superstars” in Copey working hard to make this all happen. And, hosting is something they really do well. Thanks…Copey!

Final Word to “Friends”

I encourage you to keep connected to the work being done to support the Copey Learning Center’s mission. I struggle explaining to all just how unique our work is. Time and time again we have proven that people from all over this country come into our project and do something fantastic, unexpected, or unbelievable. At the moment we are highlighting the Utah Express and last Fall we witnessed Jane Rutledge’s impact on our work and the community she devoted herself to.

We have college students, professors, administrators, and even trustees helping our cause. The list of folks and the many different walks of life falling under the broad umbrella of “Friends” is extensive. It is very humbling to see.images

Often, I see us all as tools in life’s big toolbox. Just like a beautiful  sunset, when the time is right and the need is clear, Someone bigger than each of us picks up the right tool and goes to work. It all becomes something awesome to behold. We are blessed to have a Boss who knows what HE is doing.  THANK YOU ALL!





2 thoughts on “Learning…Not a Spectator Sport!”

  1. Amen Ak! I wish that we could be like flies on a wall to see how amazed that the folks from Utah will be!

    You don’t know this story, but I was the doctor at Fort Duchene, Utah in the 1960s, serving my two years in the USPHS Division of Indian Health there. We delivered 50+ babies and did surgery in the same old hospital where Kit Carson died of TB. The Ute history is a tragic story that I will relate to you sometime.


  2. So very excited to come to the Copey Learning Center! What a gift for us to have an opportunity to serve and learn. A huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who have arranged our stay and donated their valuable time to make our visit memorable. The four of us love education and are anxiously awaiting our opportunity to share about Meadow Elementary and the children that spend days with us. We know we all can make a difference.

    Carolyn Johnson

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