2017 Non-Financial Scorecard…!

  1. This 2017 Non-Financial Scorecard is a long report. I apologize but I wanted the report to be complete and representative of the many ways “Friends of Copey” provides support with the services others willingly donate. We would not be a successful operation without people and partnerships working together to make a difference. I grow both amazed and humbled each time I look at the variety of ways we have supported this project. I hope you will take the time to read the report, appreciate what you have done…with prayers and that “can do attitude”. This is what the non-financial scorecard reflects.

The following is a partial list of the variety of non-financial ways we have successfully employed to support the general educational experiences in 2017.

Special Efforts and Events

  1. We led the year with the announcement that we would initiate the efforts to build a new Learning Center. We received quality drawings and designs for the new Learning Center which were donated by Larry Windes, of Larry Windes & Associates, Arq.Mariano Urena U.. Thanks Larry and Cindy!
  2. Efforts were taken to collect the information required for the preparation of the Building Goodness Foundation application, a Charlottesville, Virginia business we were hoping to be our building partners. This month we received notification that our application was rejected.  But, our efforts were not in vain. We will continue looking for ways to get the new Learning Center built.
  3. Plans and arrangements were made to implement “Pathway Project 2017”.
  4. “E&H College Friends” hosted the first “official” reception for the “Pathway Project 2017” students upon their arrival at the campus. Many faculty, staff, members of the Board of Trustees, other guests attended the affair. Thanks George and Celeste  (See Below)
2017 Ariana, Ana, and Fatima

There were also two very memorable YouTube videos developed reception 5documenting the “Pathway Project 2017”. Either version can be requested in case you have not seen them. This was a “major” accomplishment for us. Thanks Monica, Carol, and AJ.

Significant Partnerships

“Friends” depends on both individuals and organizations for support such as Kiwanis and my alma mater, Emory & Henry College.

  1. Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis provided exceptional quality accounting services for “Pathway Project 2017”. This is not at all insignificant and is very much appreciated knowing that we can provide complete and full accounting of all the funds received and used during this fairly complex project. Also, there are some really great supportive members I am fortunate to have on board praying and paying.
  2. Emory & Henry College provided extraordinary support as the host college for   EH college“Pathway Project 2017”. Often unnoticed is the part of the project that includes students from E&H College who travel to the Learning Center to be volunteers. Since 2016, three E&H College students have participated. Much of the attention is on the college’s support for the Learning Center
    Emory Group 2
    Ana, Angela, Ariana, and Fatima

    students visiting our campus. Staff and faculty spend their time exposing the students to a variety of activities they have not experienced before such as rock climbing and bowling. All this time is generously donated to help make the times memorable for the Learning Center guests. Thanks Ed and Monica!

  3. Elementary School(s) are vital partners. Establishing a meaningful and educational connection between USA school children and students at the Learning Center is an excellent way to enrich and enhance education…both directions. A few months ago we began working with an elementary school in Utah and will initiate Pen Pal related activities when the Learning Center reopens in 2018. Thanks Tamarie!
  4. Larry Windes of Larry Windes & Associates, Arq.Mariano Urena U. in Santa Maria, CR provided their support to help us design a new Learning Center. All of the work was donated. I mention this again because it is truly a very significant partnership since it represents the first support from the commercial or business sector and from within Costa Rica.
  5. Speaking of “significant partnerships”, I visited my dear friend Dr. Lin Church at his home in Raleigh, NC in June. He has been a solid and devoted partner since the beginning of “Friends of Copey” and has served as the co-Chair of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund since being established. Thanks Lin!
  6. Jane Rutledge donated so much to “Friends” and the entire community of Copey. She responded to our call for volunteer support and as a volunteer, she gave 100% plus to the people in Copey. Because of how she affected in a positive way the lives of many in Copey, she was a weekly feature in my Posts. Being a retired teacher, recent widow, mother and grandmother, and close friend to many, Jane took all of her talent and experience to Copey and left it all there. What she brought home in its place…”priceless”! This is the very essence of non-financial support. Thanks Jane!

Blog and Post Accomplishments for 2017

  1. Fifty-eight Posts were issued in 2017.
  2. The Blog experienced a 23% increase in viewership over 2016 compared to the  2% increase from 2015 to 2016. By year’s end, we will pass 4,000 views for the first time. Interest in “Friends” is growing. Stats2017
  3. Increased use of photos by 44% over prior years.
  4. “Comments” responding to Posts increased by 15% over 2016.
  5. The three “Most Viewed Posts”were As For me…Give Me Liberty! Posted on September 18, 2017. Then, So Much Wonder in Wonderful! was #2 Posted on February 20, 2017.  Finally, #3 was You Cause Ripples Posted on September 25, 2017.  
  6. “Friends” annually reaches others in far away countries. Some have suggested most of these stat-2-e1514397673685.jpgvisits to my Blog are visits by mistake/accident and I agree. However, there is the remote chance that one or more visitors just may be interested. Listed are the top ten countries where visits to my Blog originated in 2017. There are another 30 plus countries with less than 10 visits.

Personal Post Notes of Importance

  1. Posts in 2017 also covered friends and family who passed away. Curtis (Duck) Montgomery, Gail Rutledge, and my Katherine Johnson Movie shot (3)cousin “Yimmy” said goodbye to us.
  2. Other personal family related news highlighted two of my grandsons, Maliek and Mykel and their accomplishments.
  3. Let us not forget Aunt Katherine and “Hidden Figures”. I am so happy I had a Blog and a means of sharing with “Friends” our family’s pride and love for this lady. Now 99 years old and is still inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Special Thanks

Be certain…non-financial support really means there are those who contribute their time and talent in ways that cannot be measured with dollars and cents. There is no way to pay or repay what the heart gives to another. Those with “hearts of servants” are very special. You know who you are. I have called you “Friends”, “Difference Makers”, and even “Possiblitarians”. I am grateful, thankful, and honored to share this journey with each of you.

Let’s Roll on to 2018!

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  1. this is amazing work and I particularly liked your statement about the founding friends who first filled your tank…nice.

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