2017 Financial Scorecard…!

This is another year of outstanding achievements recorded by us…”Friends of Copey”. This specific report highlights several of the key “financial goals” we set for 2017 and successfully met.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund met its goal and provided financial support to as many as 18 deserving students needing tuition assistance. Since 2014, this fund has supported 80 plus students.  Goal $1,500.00 –  Actual $1,800.00

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

Executive Director’s Position Fund met its commitment to supplement the salary of the Director, the only paid position at the Learning Center. This was our third year providing this essential support to keep competent leadership in place leading the operations of the Learning Center.  Goal $2,000.00  –  Actual $2,000.00

“Pathway Project 2017” was successfully funded.Campus
So far, four of the Learning Center’s best students have been rewarded for their academic success with a trip to the US to spend time at Emory & Henry College. In 2017, Ariana and Fatima with Executive Director, Ana Yancy (pictured) along with Angela traveled to E&H College.

Pathway Project Goal $3,500.00 to add to $2,198.00 carryover from 2016. The Total Goal – $5,698.00.  The total Actual Amount Raised – $5,263.00. The actual expenses totaled $5,397.35 which left a small shortage of $134.35. A late donation was received allowing this project to enjoy financially another successful year.

Miscellaneous Donations have been provided to the Learning Center by independent or non-solicited donors. Typically, these donations support the purchase of school supplies and materials.  Estimated at $700.00.

Spelling Bee Donations continued for the second year to provide some financial support for Mariana’s parent Lorena. Lorena travels to the National Spelling Bee contest with her daughter to provide support and adult supervision.  Goal $200.00  Actual $200.00       

Commentary on Results

Our involvement has proven to be the life-blood that is helping sustain this important mission. We have been consistent, reliable, and loyal to our commitment to help as long as possible and as long as they first help themselves to succeed. We are Learning Center partners and have witnessed the overwhelming results our efforts help support.

                Thank You “Friends”…!

There are many to thank for the financial success we enjoy each thank you .3year. Even though we are not established to be a major fundraising operation, we will make every effort to assist the community’s efforts to keep and maintain a viable educational program designed to help the Learning Center.

There are several “Friends” who stood extra tall this year as donors. Thank You”...Stephanie, Kay, Lin, Jones, Tim, Carolee, Martha, and especially George, Eric, and Lisa …and still many others. And, no one should be excluded. You all help make a huge difference in our Financial success of the Learning Center. In truth, there is no small donation…each one is priceless.

Next Report Coming Soon!

The next Post will cover many of our “non” Financial Goals and you may expect to see similar positive results. It is amazing to re-visit all of the many things that have been done outside of the financial arena. There is an Army of “Friends” who help this project in ways money cannot buy.  I will cover many of these in the next Post.



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  1. Such great news to read during this special time of giving. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. My new year’s resolution is to visit my friends in Copey in 2018. I hope to meet many of you there. Let’s make a plan!! Arthur, thank you for keeping us all informed and for sharing this great news! Best wishes.

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