“Being successful does not necessarily make you great. What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great.”  Joel Osteen

We are on the front end of Thanksgiving Week and I wish all the very best and hope we all find time to think about the many things we have as a country to be thankful for. This is “Friends of Copey’s” fourth year enjoying Thanksgiving and our list of  things to be thankful for is very long.Rodriguez photos

Spelling Bee

The results of the Spelling Bee are in and our very own Copey Learning Center student Mariana finished 5th in the National Competition. The report indicates she was among the youngest competing and performed exceptionally well. She is destined to be champion soon. We all congratulate Mariana. She is our winner and we are grateful to have her competing on the national stage bringing both honor and respect to the Copey community and the Learning Center. Also, again thank you for helping provide funds to allow her mother Lorena to attend the event with Mariana.

“Jane’s Last Quote of the Week…Maybe!”

About this time next week, Jane will have returned to America to her family and friends. Certainly she will enjoy sitting in her favorite chair, catching up on “Days of Our Lives”, and even sleeping in her own bed after three months. Jane studentsHer final official day of service is Friday when the Learning Center conducts its annual graduation services and closes for a couple of months for their summer. “Friends of Copey” will be there to attend the graduation and be among others to share Jane’s final hours. She has been one of the most colorful and amazing volunteers to hit Copey and she will be missed.

Here are my two favorite “Jane” quotes I have posted during her time in Copey. This first quote is priceless about Jane as she explains how she got involved.

“If he (Gail) hadn’t passed away, I hadn’t called you, you hadn’t made the donation on PayPal, and sent me the “Friends of Copey” newsletter (Post), I will still be at home watching Days of Our Lives and eating Chocolate.”

This quote speaks volumes about Copey and the Learning Center.

The most amazing thing is the love and respect the people have for each other [in Copey]. They all work hard and no one seems to complain. The students have never complained or said they don’t want to do anything!” 

Jane 5

For four years “Friends of Copey” has enjoyed success because this unique collection of “friends” simply desires “to make a positive difference”…to be difference makers”! Jane is the “poster child” for all of the “Friends of Copey”. God Bless You Jane!

Other Business

When the Learning Center starts again in February, there will be a new “Pen Pal” waiting to meet the Learning Center students. I will save the full details for later but an elementary school in Utah has agreed to become our educational partners to help the Learning Center get off on a great start in February. Their plans include providing other types of support to the Learning Center as well. This is very exciting and something very positive to look forward to in 2018.

Final Words…!

When I depart for Costa Rica tomorrow, I will be carrying all of you…”Friends of Copey” in my pockets, my luggage, and most of all…in my heart. No one could possibly feel more blessed and honored than me to go to Copey and represent this entire collection of people aka “Friends of Copey”. Without exaggeration, this unconventional approach to offering and providing needed educational support to a community is most unique. The ability do something meaningful and successfully for others because we believe we can in this fashion is “service to humanity” at work. Thanks to All!



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  1. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Congratulations to all for jobs well done.
    Wishing everyone the best in the last month of 2017. I am thankful to be a small part of Friends of Copey.

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