A Veteran’s Thanks…!

“For the veteran, thank you for bravely doing what you’re called to do so we can safely do what we’re free to do.”   Author Unknown

This past weekend we focused on thanking veterans for their military service . I am veteran-daysespecially proud to have served my country and to be affiliated with others including many of my closest friends, who have also served. There are numerous childhood friends who served, several college brothers, and of course many of my current friends are included. One of my best friends, Curtis “Duck” Montgomery (age 101) a WWII veteran, who passed away last February is one veteran I will always remember and thank.  Thank each of you for your service.



In last week’s Post I incorrectly reported the “Spelling Bee” was scheduled for this past Tuesday.  I was informed my dates were wrong and the competition is actually tomorrow. So, we remain on pins and needles until we hear the results, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.  Mariana…Best Wishes on a successful contest!


Jane’s Quote of the Week! 

“Just rode the bus to Santa Maria. A mother with her little girl sat beside me. The little girl Jane buscouldn’t have been more than three and she started talking to me in Spanish! She spotted my phone and continued talking! I just nodded and asked her if I could take her picture! You should have seen the look on her face when I showed her the picture! She gave me a soft high-five and kept caressing my hand! Occasionally words aren’t necessary!”

Jane is counting down her remaining days in Copey. She is scheduled to depart the country on November 25th. As mentioned before, she and I will be attending the Copey Learning Center’s graduation next Friday and it will also serve as a kind of reunion for Jane and me. How strange life is…!

This has been a true joy sharing this journey with Jane! Just as Jane’s quote says….Occasionally…words aren’t necessary! Thanks!

The New Education and Cultural Center

I have been informed that a decision on the application submitted a couple of weeks ago will not likely be issued for several months. There will be an extensive review/evaluation of our application which likely will include a visit to the Copey community before we know if we successfully get through this stage.

I will continue to ask for prayer support for an outcome that will be beneficial to us all. Our hopes are for a positive response and we believe our chances are good. BUT, this is a tremendous challenge for us. Keep in mind that “sun standing still” message and believe all things are possible, if you keep the faith! As you may be so inclined, take a moment each day and provide this a prayerful or positive thought. Thank you.




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  1. So happy to be catching up on messages from Copey. What wonderful news indeed. Congratulations to Jane on all her success and contributions. I have always wanted to teach in Copey, so I can only imagine the stories she will bring away from this wonderful experience. I wish everyone a happy Graduation Day and can’t wait to get the results of the spelling bee. Mariana, we are so proud of you and also of all the students in Copey. During this special time of giving thanks, I am thankful for my connection to Scrapper and the sweet setting and school in Copey b

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