“As for me…give me liberty!

“Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power [independence] to choose, to respond, to change.”   By Stephen Covey

“Independence Day” was the national holiday in Costa Rica on Friday. Similar to our 4th of July, it was a day of celebration throughout the country. Being one of Costa Rica’s most important holidays, it all starts on September 14th and continues on September 15th. The traditional celebration begins with a symbolic torch called the “Torch of Freedom” representing Central America’s freedom from colonial Spain. After several efforts to establish its freedom and declare its true sovereignty, in 1848 Costa Rica finally became a true  sovereign nation.Sample Costa Rica Children

Every year the torch makes the journey south from Guatemala to Costa Rica. When the torch reaches its final destination of Cartago – the Costa Rican provincial capital when Central America declared independence – Costa Ricans stand to sing the national anthem.

The most beloved Independence Day tradition is street parades, held on September 15th in every town around the country. School children spend months preparing for their marching baStudent bandnd, color guards, and folkloric dancing. Men, women and children often dress in their traditional best – flowing skirts, straw hats, and pressed shirts in a red, white and blue color palette. Congratulations on your freedom!

Goodbye to Anne and Kevin

You long time “Friends” have readAnne Lawrence about Anne and Kevin. They were the owners of the successful Bed and Breakfast (Hush Valley Lodge) business very close to Copey. Anne was with Seidy in 2013 when I first visited the Copey Learning Center. Anne and Kevin had moved to Costa Rica from Canada to experience a little different life style. Anne authored the very informative and colorful book titled “Following my tug…! Check out the Post written in March 2014 for more information about Anne.  We “Friends” wish Anne and Kevin our very best on their return home to Canada to renew their lives and relationships with family and friends. You will be missed.  https://friendsofcopey.com/2014/03/12/418/


Jane’s Quote for the Week”

“I guess it was divine intervention that I am here and we can blame it on Gail. If he hadn’t passed away, I hadn’t called you, you hadn’t made the donation on PayPal, and sent me the “Friends of Copey” newsletter (Post), I will still be at home watching Days of Our Lives and eating Chocolate.”  Jane with students

Jane also pointed out she is really getting her feet wet…and from all indications she is. Each day there is some rainfall and she has had to get some rain gear to stay dry. But, she is also deeply involved and getting her feet wet with the students and the community. She is certainly meeting all my expectations. She is expected to have some family visiting her in Copey soon. Seldom is there an opportunity for a volunteer to share with their family their work. Without doubt, when Jane’s family sees first-hand the relationship she has established with the students and the community, they will be most proud and pleased.  BTW Jane…you were not watching a lot of soap operas I am certain….before Copey entered your life.

During the month of September 2015, my featured quote was by Rosa Parks. She simply proclaimed…“I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day…”  

She did awake one morning and decided to fully embrace her full endowment and exercise the power to choose, respond, and change. This helped spark an historical movement.

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