More March Madness….

First, I want to again encourage all my followers to check out the new book “Following my Tug…” written by Anne Lawrence. If as a follower you have any curiosity about the region and the people we are friends with, this book takes care of the curiosity. It is very unusual to be involved in a unique project like this and equally unusual to have available a real time book about the place and people we support. If you are curious, do yourself a favor and go for it…only about $8.00. Buying instructions are available in my last Post.  Anne Lawrence

Reading Bear is now being checked out at the Learning Center to see if it proves useful and effective in teaching English to the students. This unique web based tutorial program has a great track record for teaching ESL to non-English speaking students.

Special Thanks to Eve and the volunteer staff for working so hard on the AGB Scholarship Fund project. The donors have been notified of their assigned recipients and now look forward to receiving the profiles and watching their student’s progress throughout the year. I also want to thank each of you who financially supported the scholarship fund this first time around.

Learning Center workersThe new photo on the Blog’s header shows the front of the Learning Center. This temporary location is being used this year while a new facility is in the works for the 2015 year. The photo shows a colorful facility where the promise for a great future resides for the students who spend their days there. However, the physical and educational resources inside the facility are different from what we Americans normally think of as a standard classroom. Limited amount of space, too few desks, chairs, tables, along with other teaching aids and materials are some of the common barriers the volunteer teachers face each day at the Learning Center.

We, the “friends of Copey”, are very interested in all of the issues the staff faces each day and we will continue to look for ways to provide our support. In my next Post I will share with you a recent letter received from the Founder and Board Chair expressing her appreciation for us being supportive friends of the Learning Center. The letter confirms our mutual interest and recognizes our efforts as “friends of Copey”.

Regarding the Student Information Exchange Program (SIEP), there is some very exciting information to share…but you have to wait. This program will be a huge news item in a few weeks and I do not want to get too far ahead of myself. Keep following…!

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