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“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.”  By Robert Southey

In Copey

Jane arrived last week in Copey on schedule to take on her volunteer teaching duties. Michael, also a volunteer teacher arrived from Colombia to team up with Jane for the balance of the school year. Both arrived in time to say goodbye to Jim who was just completing his volunteer term at the Learning Center. Jane Jim and Mike Jim was provided a going away party and it afforded Jane the chance to see and meet parents and other community folks who support the Learning Center.

I spoke to Jim and his wife via Skype last Wednesday and also with Jane, Michael, and Ana Yancy. It was really great to see all of the crew and talk about the progress being made at the Learning Center.   (Michael, Jane, and Jim shown)

Jane’s Quote for the Week…

I planned to share a quote each week from Jane so all the “Friends” can share in a small way the experience she is having while in Copey. This week’s special quote is…

“I have already taught several classes! These students are so very impressive–their command of the English language is superior! I love the 6 and 7-year-old students! They are like sponges! They call me Teacher! They are so typical especially the teenagers! I have several new ideas to try with them!

Mom, Aunt Katherine, and Harvey!

Several notes and comments arrived commenting on last week’s Post and they have all been very much appreciated. Some can be seen in the “Comments” section of this Blog.

Aunt Katherine.2
Katherine Goble Johnson

Others comments arrived by email. I would like to share one note from a “friend” and representative of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (an AGBSF supporter)

“Thanks for such an inspiring message of remembrance and gratitude for your mother and aunt. We pray for those who suffered due to Hurricane Harvey and we are also grateful for the many first-responders, neighbors and strangers who risked their lives to save others. God Bless!!!  Vivian T.-Washington State

Notes from “friends” who appreciate and understand the value of family and relationships are precious and personally uplifting. I have pointed out many times with my Posts, I am blessed with both family and friends. Without either, “Friends of Copey” would not have begun and certainly not successfully continued as we move into our 5th year.

I am eager to share part of another note that you can read in full by clicking on the “Comments” link. My “friend” and senior high classmate from 1966, Kay wrote…

“I enjoy reading your blog each week and feel as if I know your family. You honor your mom with all your comments and I wish I had known her. Mothers are special, all of them. Best of wishes for your Aunt Katherine too. She is a remarkable woman and continues to inspire young woman all over the world with her perseverance and example.”  Kay F.-Virginia

Message to the Copey Community

Vivian and Kay are examples of “Friends” who know about you and your community and care about the Learning Center and its work. Remain steadfast in your belief that your children are special and that we are your “friends” stretched from one end of America to the other end who care about the Copey community.  Love and Peace!







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