Ever Wanted To Do Something…Really Different?

This is a week of short notices regarding our Learning Center as things are continuing to settle down in our part of the country while the Learning Center is in the middle of a two-week school break.

The Learning Center’s Board of Directors met last week to review the first half of the school year and look ahead to the second half. There was also an extensive report on the “Pathway Project” provided to the Board by Ana Yancy and our two students, Fatima and Ariana. Natural Bridge

I received a wonderful note from Seidy, the Learning Center’s Founder, complementing “Friends of Copey” and our various “Pathway Project” partners for our outstanding support and devoted interest in the Learning Center and the students.

She wrote; “Thank you so much {Friends of Copey} for being special and wonderful. If we all be like you, definitely our world would be much better.” Seidy R.

Similar notes came in from others affiliated with Emory & Henry College who had hands on involvement with the “Pathway Project”:

“I had SUCH a good time getting to know this crew!”  Monica H.

“Again, you sure have connected us to wonderful people in Costa Rica.”  Edward D. 

“Thank you for allowing us to be part of such an inspirational project. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Ana Yancey, Fatima, and Adriana. We look forward to hearing about all you will do with Copey in the future!   Celeste G. 

Official letters are being sent out this week to all the “Pathway Project” donors that addresses the 501c3 Tax Exempt status of their donation for this specific project.


We do have an URGENT message to share with all “Friends”. The Learning Center is in need of English teachers…NOW!   clc-classroom-2017

Over the brief history the staff of English teachers volunteering for short and long-term teaching assignments has been very positive and typically in good supply. However, when we depend on an all volunteer force, we have greater risk for surprises and changes in volunteer schedules.

Friends of Copey

The Learning Center really needs our help  getting out the word about available volunteer teaching assignments at the Copey Learning Center.

Do you have an interest in a great vacation to a wonderful part of the world?

Do you know a new teacher or retired teacher who would enjoy a short-term assignment?   Casey and student girls

Do you have a church member (possibly retired) who had a career in education?

Are you a college student or do you know a college student who could benefit from a short international student exchange assignment in a non-English speaking community?

Please look at the specified credentials for a volunteer teaching assignment. Contact me immediately if you are interested or know someone who might be. 

CLC Credentials Please send me an email if you have an interest or know someone who may be. Contact me at atbroady@aol.com.  Thanks.

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