Freedom to Act…!

“There is nothing wrong with America that faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of her citizens cannot cure.”    by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Today, we again will celebrate our country’s “Independence Day”…the 4th of July.  A year ago, I suggested we all pause briefly to consider the significant and priceless benefits we have the opportunity to enjoy. After a year of continuous political, social, and even military unrest and uncertainties, I once again suggest we pause and reflect on what is truly wonderful about the freedoms we enjoy.

I do watch and listen to the news but I consciously limit my time being exposed to the very negative 4th of Julynews and presentations regarding our country. I believe my time is much better spent finding positive ways to help make a difference in areas I have some degree of control. This is basically what “Independence Day” represents to me. I enjoy the freedom to make choices, to dream, to act, and to have an impact on things. This kind of “independence” is not enjoyed or available to people in many other places in our world. I invite you to read any of my 200 Posts and you will typically find a very positive message and evidence that “independence” makes a difference for the better. This is having the “freedom to act.”

Example of Freedom

In fact, one of the most recent examples of having the freedom to act is the “Pathway Project”.  Now, with over five years of continuous work with the Learning Center, we have learned to use our freedom to build successful partnerships. We cross international boundaries and freely participate in this project without needless interference or limitations. It has been the freedoms we have that permit the citizens of the USA and Costa Rica to work together with an excellent college all as partners to achieve something worthwhile and beneficial for kids.

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While it is good to stay current on issues affecting our lives each day, too much of it can cause you to take your eye off the ball. It is easy to get discouraged, cynical, and even feeling hopeless. Being heavy on the negative side can distort what we have to be thankful for. I personally avoid the ever-present gloom and doom. Often, when I see limitations…they usually are self-imposed. We would be “nowhere” today with “Friends of Copey” if the majority of us could only see us engaging in hopeless efforts. Instead, we often see the opportunities for success and therefore “Friends” has become a shining example of freedom in action.  Oh yes…that American faith and that love of freedom is getting the job done. 

More Photos to Share!

This will be the final Post featuring some of the more notable photos from the “Pathway Project”. Most of the photos can be seen now on the Copey Learning Center Facebook Page at you .3 These are a few of my favorites showing the range of activities all four ofReception 2 our guests enjoyed over the short two weeks of their stay. These include hiking and rock climbing. Educating students on cultural matters including food, geography, customs, and traditions.

I believe one of the many key highlights of their trip were the opportunities each had to be among so washington Lincoln Monument rev.1many different people. The interaction, the exchange, and sharing cultures was just priceless.  Natural BridgeI also believe we have become better at being great hosts. We have a clearer vision on how to better share our country and our campus when there is such a short period of time.

This is a wonderful project and consider that in the past 15 months the “Pathway Project” has brought to the E&H campus four Learning Center students and two Executive Directors. Also, three E&H students have worked as volunteers in the Learning Center. But be reminded, this is only the tip of the iceberg when you factor in how much the Copey community has been impacted as well as many of those among the E&H family. All of this has been made possible because we have the freedom to act!Breakfast
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