Going Back In Time….

“I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” ~ Lilly Tomlin

There is little news coming from the Learning Center at this time. Angela is in the US going through some educational programs and will be returning to Costa Rica later this month. Therefore, the weekly updates on the status of things will be postponed until she returns. If I do happen to get some information from Copey and or the Learning Center, a special Post edition will be provided. Until more news is available, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to share with you some of my favorite photos of the Learning Center, staff, students, and the country of Costa Rica. Some are first time photos, others may have been provided before in one of the 88 Posts issued to date.

               Students saying “Thank You” for the AGB Scholarship help provided.

We are both blessed and privileged to have generous donors who help make it possible for many of these local kids to go to the Learning Center to improve their “English” skills while learning many other important things. The scholarship funds help provide new school supplies for the recipients as well as offset other expenses associated with operating the Learning Center.

Steven and Evelyn Videa Gonzales. Both AGB Scholarship recipients in 2014 and possibly in 2015. New school supplies bought with prior donations. They are siblings. Students competed last year in the “Spelling Bee” that is held throughout the country each year. The Learning Center works hard to prepare the students to spell English words used in the competition. Several Learning Center students made it to the quarter finals last year and are expected to do even better this year.

The competition is very tough as the students must compete with more urban students from larger communities where English is more widely spoken and much more familiar to the students. In Copey, this is not the case. In many of the homes, English is not spoken at all and the only significant opportunity the students have to learn read, write, and speak English is at the Learning Center.

Another favorite photo is showing Hailey Tibbett saying goodbye to her Learning Center students. I remind you that Hailey volunteered from my community to go to Copey in 2013 to work in the Learning Center.

Hailey Blog PhotoAfter earning her BA Degree in Education in late 2012, she wanted the unique experience of going to a remote location to put her educational skills to work. She considered it part of her continuing education since knowing more about the Hispanic culture and language would be very beneficial as a local school teacher in our community. In her own words, the experience was both amazing and life changing. This photo means a great deal to her and to me. In our January 2014 Post, Hailey was featured and honored as our “Key Friend” (of Copey) for the extraordinary display of a “heart of a servant” by willingly going as a volunteer (her own expense) to a foreign and remote community to share her skills and education as a teacher at the Learning Center.

I can never say enough nice things about the people in Costa Rica and especially, the small town of Copey. One feels the hospitality immediately when contact is made with a local resident. I was assisted during my first visit to Copey by a non-Costa Rican who had recently moved to the area around Copey. Who would have foreseen that it would be a Canadian who would be part of the welcoming committee and key translator? In hindsight, my first visit would likely have been very different without the help of my friend Anne.

Anne Lawrence     Key "Friend of Copey"She made it possible for both Seidy( Learning Center founder) and me to exchange information, thoughts, and ideas. For the next year, it would be Anne that I primarily corresponded with and depended on to reassure Seidy and the community of my interest in helping. By the way, Anne would certainly enjoy you reading her book “Following my tug” which is about her decision to move to Costa Rica and all of the trials and experiences associated with making a life changing decision such as the one she and her husband Kevin made. The book cover has been revised but this is my favorite shot of Anne. Check out her Blog at http://www.hushvalleylodge.com. You will be treated to something very special as she shares her weekly experiences while successfully operating a Bed and Breakfast in such a beautiful and remote location.

Now I realize I have not actually shown any “new” photos. Perhaps I will do that next week if I am still without any news updates. But I would be remiss if I did not share this one last photo.

The Nutcracker Performers
The Nutcracker Performers

The photo is of the students who ended the year of 2014 in grand and glorious style representing the Learning Center while performing in the production The Nutcracker. Eve Solomon, is credited for doing an outstanding job introducing ballet to eager students. Her successful instruction and encouragement helped prepare and position these students to receive an invitation to perform on the “BIG” stage in San Jose. This was a true highlight in my short affiliation with the Learning Center and I hope all of the “Friends of Copey” recognized and appreciated the importance of this in the lives of these students.  THANKS EVE FOR THE MEMORIES!

I have many photos and the gallery grows weekly. However, each of these shared today are very rich in meaning and purpose. A casual trip back in the archives of my Posts will remind you of so many wonderful things we have witnessed as “Friends of Copey”.  I look forward to hearing about any of your favorites. Use the “Comments” section on the Post or email me at atbroady@aol.com.

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    1. My regards for you are the highest! You did an amazing thing demonstrating courage and generosity as a volunteer at the Learning Center. You are a true role model for other teachers and especially for “Friends” who have an interest in this project. I think of you and your family often and continuously keep you all in my prayers. Thanks.

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