Treat People As If….!

“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”   Anonymous

This is the fifth straight day of temperatures hitting the 100 plus digits. Yesterday, there was a high of 106 and I think today it is 101 so far. Temperatures in the 100’s seem not to be a problem here anymore since we have had so many days of this heat.  Sounds strange but maybe we are just adjusting to the heat. We are blessed with low humidity in this part of the country. Hot weather/dry heat is the ticket. I frequently watch the weather report for the east coast and you “Friends” living there all have my sympathy with those high 90’s and the humidity. The wild fires in Washington, Oregon, and California are also a serious and continuous problem and we pray for those who are losing homes and for the safety of those who are on the front lines trying to contain or put out these fires.

The weather in Copey this time of year is usually in the 70’s or 80’s and with the daily rainfall, there is very small chance for wildfires.

town of copeyCopey, resides in the mountains and unlike many of the coastal towns, the weather is mostly mild. All my trips have been in the January/February timeframe and always very pleasant weather in the inner regions of the country.

As I reflect on my time in the inner regions of Costa Rica, I do not recall any air conditioners being available or in use. However, the heat and humidity is very obvious in the coastal areas. It is very uncomfortable during the January/February timeframe around the oceans.

zzzrecycling Perhaps, you have noticed in all the photos shown of students at the Learning Center, the students are usually dressed in what appears to be Spring or Summer attire. As I recall there is little need for heavy or winter clothing in the Copey region although evenings are cool. Hopefully, I am correct on most of this as I am going on my past experiences only.

The Learning Center continues to move along and I believe Angela is back in the USA for educational reasons. She reported to me a few weeks ago her need to travel to the USA/Northeast and will visit her parents in Pennsylvania before returning to Copey in late August.

She did request assistance in obtaining a camera, preferably a “GoPro” type camera that can be used at the Learning Center. The need for the camera has a higher priority at this time than other items including computers. The Learning Center is developing numerous presentations to be used to inform and gather additional community support for the Learning Center. Quality photos for presentations will be essential to sharing the successful story of the Learning Center. “Friends of Copey” has obtained some funds to send to the Learning Center for the purchase of a quality camera to meet their needs. This is once again, a small but very important and necessary way we can step in and provide support. Thank you “Friends” for helping with the donations and we look forward in a month or so to some very great photos to share.


Today was a strange race day. Jeff spent much of the race between 10th and 20th place. During the final several laps he was around 16th position.

With Grandkids at Vegas Speedway supporting #24
With Grandkids at Vegas Speedway supporting #24

As the race leaders were making their rounds on the final laps, the leaders started to run out of gas and began stopping or slowing down. Those fortunate to still have gas in their tanks passed the struggling leaders. Jeff was among those with some gas left and he finished in 3rd place. This finish moved him back in the top 10 rankings. I haven’t jumped for joy yet. I should or could but I am still looking for that win that you get by having the pedal to the metal and the rest are behind you giving it all their best. I am still hopeful a win will come soon…! I remain a bit old fashion…or old school I guess.


My grandson (Maliek) standing on my left side, departed for the University of Nevada in Reno today. He turned 18 yesterday and is now heading off to college to report for football training. “Friends of Copey” wish him the best!

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  1. Hot here too AKA It is. “Dog Days” when the pooches stay under the house! I pray that you and yours are out of harm’s way!


    1. Thanks…although the fires are a hundred plus miles away, we still have smokey skies in our location. “Dog Days”…not a term used much here…but I remember it well. Oh yes, I am still waiting on some response from Angela regarding the best time and approach to get the money to her. Please stand by. Always grateful for your support.

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