March Madness….2015

This is a wonderful time of the year. There is so much excitement and energy all around. For most of us the winter months are over and each new day brings life back in the form of Spring flowers, new ideas, and expectations. Yes, this is March Madness season again for the college basketball fans. It is also time to kick it up a notch for the Learning Center and I am roaring to get a lot of things done.

Now, the Learning Center is already finishing its first month of school and moving along smoothly although both Eve and Angela are out of Copey for a few days. The news flowing out from the Learning Center will resume next week. We are expecting some updates later in the month about the AGB scholarship students we are supporting.

Here are just a few of the initiatives being worked on in support of the Learning Center’s overall mission:

  • I am scheduled to make our first official presentation on the “Friends of Copey” to my local Kiwanis Club’s Board of Directors. Unofficially, several Kiwanis friends are very supportive but the Kiwanis Club itself has not been officially requested to put its stamp of approval on this project until now. I believe this is a very positive step for both the Kiwanis Club and “Friends”.  More to come!
  • At various stages, several Washington schools are being introduced to our efforts with the Learning Center. The outstanding work Lisa Baldwin is doing with her 5th Grade class in Virginia is frequently held up as an extraordinary example for what can be done when one person decides to get involved. We will continue to build additional educational opportunities for the Learning Center this Spring.  More to come!

                                                 The Fundraising Plan Update

The total donations and commitments for the new position are still growing but we need to take BOLD steps to reach our goal. I have been promising a plan and I am now ready to start the roll out.

First, I am reaching out to all of the “Friends of Copey” for your prayers and positive energy (P&PE). This is always being requested, especially with this effort.

Next, I am making a very special appeal to all the “Friends of Copey” living in or near Tri-Cities, Washington. We plan to have a one day “Big Parking Lot Sale” in April. Our first goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000.00 for the Learning Center. Our second goal is to gather local “Friends of Copey” for some refreshments and a quick group photo shot at the “Big Parking Lot Sale”. The group photo will be posted with the sale results for the town of Copey and the students at the Learning Center to see. More specific details will be sent to you local “Friends” by a direct email from me this week.

 Closing Thought!

My NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon has had a difficult three races to start the season. He has had some very strong starts but has not finished well. Hopefully, his luck will change soon. I miss his old car design and color scheme. Maybe that is the problem this year. Jeff’, I miss the old Dupont #24. But keep rolling Jeff!

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  1. Thanks for the update AKA. I wish you great success in your presentation and in the fund raising effort too! L

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