Blest Be The Ties That Bind….

“Be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful”.                  Albert Schweitzer

Many comments have been received from “Friends” regarding the passing of the “Jakester”. We appreciate your thoughts and it is comforting to know there are those who understand how it feels to lose a pet. I decided to share just a few of the comments;

“I really hate to hear about Jake passing away. I know he was the family’s pet and yours too. He was a pretty Lab”.  Gwen H.

The "Jakester"
The “Jakester”

“Sorry about Jake. We have lost many dogs and one was our beloved pink nosed yellow Lab, Jake. Special…we still think of him. I am thinking old Jake is up there sitting on a cloud with Anne wagging his tail and smiling”.  Lin C.

“The “Jakester” has been fortunate to be cared for these fourteen years. Rest peacefully, dear Jake”.  Lisa B. 

“Very sorry about the loss of Jake”.  Ray P.

“So sorry about the Jakester.”  Carolyn B.

Then my sister Patty wrote this note to me;

“Our Mom-Granny, (Anne) was also very fond of him and Jake loved her. Thanks for being a friend to Jake and loving him. He always hated to see you leave our house and he developed a bark to let you know not to leave”.    Pat Wright

Sometimes, those things we love and say goodbye to are the ties used by God to bind us closer together.

In other news,

There has been very positive feedback on the Learning Center’s start-up and the new staff assembled to get the job done. The last Post highlighted the credentials of the staff and we commend Eve and others for the staff selections they have made.

As “Friends of Copey”, our learning never ends. Not only are we growing much more aware of life elsewhere, we are learning more about volunteerism and the talents of those who unselfishly serve in unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly places.

Both Hailey and Eve exemplify “volunteerism”. Hailey (Friend of Copey) volunteered to leave home back in 2013, saying goodbye to family, friends, and many of life’s comforts to devote 90 days of her life in Copey to teach. Eve, an extraordinary volunteer who could be performing Ballet on a big stage somewhere has been busy teaching and leading the Learning Center for about 18 months. In her spare time she has been training rural kids how to dance. This Post cannot adequately express the admiration and appreciation I have developed for those with the “heart of a servant”. Because of these “servants”, the Learning Center has been, is being, and will continue to be life changing for everyone involved. “Friends”…stick with this! You will end up in places you never dreamed possible. I know!

By the way, the Fundraiser is still moving along. More details in my next Post.

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  1. Art, thank you so much for your acknowledgement of the passing of our beloved Jake. He was a member of our family and we will always remember him as our “gentle giant” – a friend to everyone. Although we had to say good by to Jake – he was a good and faithful friend – job well done – Jake.

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