Third Update on the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive

Scholarship Goal  15 students      Scholarship Commitments  13          Need 2 More 

The AGB Fund Drive campaign is nearing the finish line and we still have 2 scholarships to go to meet our goal. We are extremely pleased with the progress we are making and still have a few potential donors we are still hoping to hear from. Most donors to date have already received their “Thank You” notes from the Learning Center. The staff, Board, and the community are clearly appreciative of the great generosity demonstrated by the “Friends of Copey”.

Again, if you plan to make a donation and not just yet done so, now is the time! 

Students need to be selected for the scholarship and ready to start when school begins in a couple weeks. Deadline is February 2, 2015…so call or write if your donation cannot make the deadline for some reason. I can still include it in the final update I plan to issue on February 3.  The celebration will then begin!

On behalf of the Learning Center, the Copey community, and “Friends”, we thank all the donors for the financial support provided to date. You are absolutely “Awesome Friends”!  

Kindergarten $60.00    Students $100.00   (Annual Tuition Cost per Student)

New Position Support Goal  $2,500      Funds Raised  $500.00          Need  $2,000.00

This new request continues to move a little slower. We know this is a big train just leaving the station. Some speed and momentum is needed and we will soon see this train rolling down the tracks towards success. These requested funds are extremely important and we have a little more time to work on this.

We are certainly doing very well getting the students into the classroom with our scholarships. But, we need to help make their classroom experience the best it can be with strong and consistent classroom leadership. All of us know very well that the key to a successful operation includes a strong Captain in control of the ship. (Speaking of a successful operation…Go Seahawks!) Any donation from $1.00 to $1,000 will help the Learning Center become that successful educational model other rural communities in Costa Rica are reported trying to duplicate.

The Learning Center opened about 6 years ago and has operated without any paid staff. Volunteers have done a tremendous job improving the operation and educating its students. The new position will serve to manage the Learning Center’s day to day operation, direct the education programs for the students, and move the Learning Center to the next level. The Copey community is committed and raising the additional  $2,500.00 to cover the full $5,000.00 salary approved.

               New Position             Any Amount is Welcomed  

Instructions on how to make a donation are available by clicking on one of the last three Posts or email me at or call 1-509-783-5897 for assistance.

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