Update on the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive

Scholarship Goal    15 students    Scholarship Commitments  7    Need 8 More 

The fund raising campaign is progressing with 7 students funded after the first week. Some additional funds are still needed to reach our goal of 15 students. If you are inspired to help financially support this fund raising campaign and not yet done so , this is the time to act. School will be starting in a few weeks.

Kindergarten $60.00    Students $100.00   (Annual Tuition Cost per Student)

AGB Scholarship Recipients 2014
AGB Scholarship Recipients 2014

New Position Support Goal  $2,500      Funds Raised  $300.00   Need  $2,200.00

This new request is moving a little slower than the scholarships. I am hopeful some “Friends” will help out in our effort to support the community’s plans to staff the Learning Center. In 2015, for the first time since the Learning Center opened about 6 years ago, one paid position is approved to manage the Center’s day to day operation, direct the education programs for the students, and move the Learning Center to the next level. The Copey community is raising the additional  $2,500.00 to cover the full $5,000.00 salary approved.

               New Position             Any Amount is Welcomed  

The following two methods may be used for making a donation:

Method #1

Go to the Learning Center’s official web site located at www.copeylearningcenter.org

The site has on its home page a PayPal button. Click on the button and enter the requested information. It is important that you indicate in PayPal this donation is made in the name of the AGB Scholarship Fund or “staff support”. Once entered and submitted, you will get a confirmation from PayPal confirming your donation has been received. It is equally important that you send me a short note indicating you have made a donation and the amount so I can assist keeping track of all donations. 

Method #2

If you are not familiar with PayPal or prefer not to make an electronic donation, you may send a check to me directly made out to me. Your donation will be entered into PayPal on your behalf indicating you as the donor in the PayPal comments section. A confirmation will be received identifying you in the comments section as the actual donor. You will receive either by email or by letter from me a copy of the confirmation for your own records.

The AGB Scholarship Fund Drive will officially end on February 2, 2015 to provide sufficient time for recipients to be identified and selected for scholarship awards. Donations are purely voluntary and not required to start or continue to be a “Friend of Copey”. 

My thanks to all of the “Friends of Copey”!

Checks may be made out to:

Arthur Broady

Mail To:

725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336


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