Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive Opens

On this very significant day, as we observe Reverend Martin L. King, Jr., Day, “Friends of Copey” continues to honor the life and memory of Anne G. Broady by initiating the 2015 Anne G. Broady (AGB) Scholarship Fund Drive.

For those who have only recently become “Friends”, my involvement with the Learning Center in Copey, Costa Rica had already started prior to Mom’s death in August 2013. The AGB Scholarship Fund for students attending the Learning Center became an idea that began shortly following her death.

???????????????????????????????In December 2013, the Blog “Friends of Copey” was started and became the vehicle to better communicate with all of the known “Friends” at that time and used to raise funds to support the AGB Scholarship Fund. Enough money was generously donated to cover the tuition cost for over 20 students to attend the Learning Center.

The full story about Mom and the background of the AGB Scholarship Fund is found by  clicking on the Scholarship Fund menu tab at the top of this Post. Since December 2013, many stories about the unique and successful partnership between “Friends” and the Learning Center have been posted.

Please read the letter below I just received from Eve Solomon. She has spent more than a year at the Learning Center and writes about Ariana and the important impact “Friends of Copey” is having on young lives and a small rural community.

Eve Letter

Being the key staff member at the Learning Center during 2014, Eve has been in the leadership role in managing the use of the AGB Scholarship Fund. Her letter hopefully provides you a better understanding of the serious educational challenges the students in Copey are facing.

Should you be inspired to help by donating, please read the following points:  

  • The full tuition for a kindergarten student is $60.00 for one full year of attendance.
  • The full tuition for a non-kindergarten student is $100.00 for one year of attendance. We have requested these students receive $75.00 towards their $100.00 tuition expense and the parents pay the balance of $25.00 to cover the full tuition. The rest of the $25.00 being donated will go to help with costs for school supplies and materials.
  • A separate and special donation is requested to help pay for the cost of the Learning Center’s first and only paid staff member. “Friends of Copey’s” goal is to raise $2,500. The details of this new request are provided in last week’s Post. There is no set amount for any donations made towards helping pay for this new position.

If you wish to support one or more of these funding needs, the following two methods for donating are provided:

Method #1

Go to the Learning Center’s official web site located at

The site has on its home page a PayPal button. Click on the button and enter the requested information. It is important that you indicate in PayPal this donation is made in the name of the AGB Scholarship Fund or “staff support”. Once entered and submitted, you will get a confirmation from PayPal confirming your donation has been received. It is equally important that you send me a short note indicating you have made a donation and the amount so I can assist keeping track of all donations. 

Method #2

If you are not familiar with PayPal or prefer not to make an electronic donation, you may send a check to me directly made out to me. Your donation will be entered into PayPal on your behalf indicating you as the donor in the PayPal comments section. A confirmation will be received identifying you in the comments section the actual donor. You will receive either by email or by letter from me a copy of the confirmation for your own records.

I recognize making the check out to me involves trust. Hopefully, this will not be an issue. Overall, very little money is involved in this project throughout the year and it has been decided not to establish a separate “Friends” bank account since this would certainly involve a variety of legal and bureaucratic issues and unnecessary expenses. Both methods above were effectively and successfully used last year and we anticipate the same this year.

The AGB Scholarship Fund Drive will officially end on February 2, 2015 to provide sufficient time for recipients to be identified and selected for scholarship awards. Donations are purely voluntary and not required to start or continue to be a “Friend of Copey”. 

My thanks to all of the “Friends of Copey”!

Checks may be made out to:

Arthur Broady

Mail To:

725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336






2 thoughts on “Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive Opens”

  1. My students at High Point Elementary in Bristol, VA and I wish all of the students and Ms.Solomon a wonderful upcoming school year. We are looking forward to our first correspondence in 2015. Thank you for all you do Arthur Broady. Your mom is proud!

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