Happy Ole Year…Happy New Year!

This has been a fantastic year! If you have been on board most of the year, you know what I am talking about. We are so proud of the staff and the students at the Learning Center. And, I am personally proud to be affiliated with each of you who consider yourselves to be “Friends”. You understand the important role we have played in 2014 as dedicated supporters of the mission at the Learning Center. Below is a mix of photos and comments for you to enjoy and reflect on as we bring this “Happy Ole Year” to an end and prepare for a “Happy New Year”.

Nutcracker 2What a terrific experience for these young people!! They obviously deserved this great experience as a result of the hard work and sacrifices they made.  For sure pass on a heartfelt congratulations!!                                                                                                                                    R.Jensen, Richland, Washington

Dr. Church, one of the strongest supporters and co-chair of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund provided the heartfelt note below to the children, students, and dancers.

Dear Children of the Copey Learning Center,                                                                                                                     Pura Vida!

When I was a child I was blessed to have had Anne Broady as my “second Mother”.  We shared life together for over 70 years.  Now in a special way, Anne is now your “second Mother” too.

AGB Thank you.2

I believe that she would be amazed and very pleased with what you have recently accomplished as dancers in the “Nutcracker Suite” ballet in San Jose. The pictures you shared with us tell a wonderful story of success and joy. As a “Friend of Copey” I am very proud of what you have accomplished this year!  Pura Vida indeed!  Merry Christmas!

Dr. C. Franklin Church, M.D.,Raleigh, North Carolina


Dear Tiny Dancers,

You have much to be proud of this Christmas!  I wish I could have seen each of you perform The Nutcracker, which is one of my very favorites.  When I was your age, I was fascinated by the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Toy Soldiers. It was magic for me, and I have no doubt that

Nutcracker 4each of you shared your “Magic” with everyone who saw you dance. You have so much to give! I hope your dreams always come true.”  J. Harter, Cincinnati, Ohio

“How Wonderful! This must have been a great experience for these young people. My hat is off to Eve and the students for what appears to have been a great performance. CONGRATULATIONS!!”   C. Clark, Washington, DC

“Congratulations on your Nutcracker performance! What a thrill it must have been! Traveling back and forth to San Jose gave you a wonderful opportunity to perform on stage. Continue with that same practice and dedication in your school work and who knows what your next opportunity may be. Thanks also to all of Eve’s hard work!” C. Barnard, Richland, Washington

The recent graduation at the Learning Center, along with The Nutcracker performance, provided a happy ending to a very successful school year. Students received attendance awards along with their certificates. Eve and the teaching staff were recognized for their outstanding work. One of our college professors who follows and supports the “Friends of Copey” recently provided these comments:

To the graduates –

Grad y awards

You should be very proud. Your hard work is what got you here. And hard work will get you where you need to be!  Stay close to those who have loved you along this path, and remember that in loving them, you find your true happiness! Again, congratulations!!!

E. Davis, Emory & Henry College,  Emory, Virginia

We are very proud of Kevin Espinoza who received the 1st prize for best attendance.


Kevin is being hugged by the Learning Center’s founder, Seidy Rodriguez, for his achievement. PS. Kevin is sponsored by the AGB Scholarship Fund.

Two high school students who attended the Learning Center read a children’s story they wrote in their high school class.


The school year has been a year to remember. There are just too many “Friends” to thank individually for being supportive in so many ways. Those of you who have supported the AGB Scholarship Fund made it possible for several students to attend the Learning Center. Others contributed to special requests for school supplies. The Pen Pal Program has been a huge success. The Blog has been visited by the world and the town of Copey is on the minds and hearts of many. All this has been made possible because of prayer, positive thoughts, and financial support by followers who believe this project is worthy.

Sanford Tollette, a Kiwanis member, was featured recently in a Kiwanis publication. He is Executive Director of the Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp near Little Rock, Arkansas.


He has been changing the lives of at-risk kids there for 39 years and is quoted as saying, “if you want to make a difference? Help a kid! If you want to make a difference? Serve!  On this note, “Friends of Copey” thank you for making a difference. Happy New Year!

Thank you Eve!

Happy Birthday Carol…!

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  1. What a wonderful year for the staff and students at the Learning Center. So many exciting experiences for the students, the Anne G, Broady Scholarships, the learning experience for each, the Spelling Bee and who could forget the Nutcracker. One of my Christmas favorites. Many thanks to Eve, the staff and friends/supports of the Learning Center. I look forward to being a supporter next year.

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