O Holy Night….!

“The thrill of hope the weary world rejoices” is one of my most favorite lines in the very popular Christmas carol, O Holy Night!  Christmas Tree 1

I am drawn to these words because it seems to have a timeless message. O Holy Night was originally composed as a poem by Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure of France in 1847 and the music was added later by Adolphe Charles Adams. When the poet wrote this poem, France was at the door step of the French Revolution. The world seemed to be a weary place full of chaos and life’s uncertainties could be found on all levels of human existence. Regardless, the poet still wrote of “the thrill of hope” and optimism because of that O Holy Night…when Christ was born almost 2,000 years earlier!  Next, the poet tells us that “For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn”.  The sun will shine on us and it will be a new day full of hope, joy, and opportunities…!

If there was a Christmas national anthem, O Holy Night would be it for me.

Sunrises 4

For more than twenty years, I have written in all of my Christmas cards the words, “Don’t Miss the Joy!”  Many years ago, when my personal life did not seem to be going great and getting into the Christmas spirit did not seem possible, I started making it a commitment to send out Christmas cards and writing in them my “Don’t Miss the Joy!” message. This was to remind others, but especially to remind me, to remember the real reason for the season. There are those who expect a card and my personal note to show up each Christmas now and most of them are not disappointed.

Christmas Joy 1

“Friends of Copey” I am truly blessed and the thrill of hope runs rampant within me as I look back at what we have done and ahead and see what we could do. Let go and experience the joy of Christmas. Know you have been part of that “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men (and others)” you hear about. You have been an active partner in the “thrill of hope” in a weary world. A small part of the world is rejoicing today because of you.

Thank you for Christmas 2making a difference. This Post is my Christmas card to each of you and

“Don’t Miss the Joy!”


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