What a day for a daydream……..

It seems that each day I am doing something relating to “Friends of Copey” and I truly enjoy it. Almost weekly, new people join the growing list of “friends”.  With over 1,500 hits on my Blog since its start about six months ago, I continue to be both amazed and deeply appreciative for those who travel with me on this journey.  I know there are some who either have lost interest or are not as excited as in the beginning.  I am told this is the unfortunate nature of blogging and advised not to take it personally.  Not easy advice to take and I very much appreciate everyone who has visited this Blog.  Even today, someone from the Netherlands visited the site as others have from Brazil, England, Canada and Central America in the past.

Since things are moving along very well at the Learning Center and we are in the middle of a couple major developements, I thought I would just take time to think about things.  Yes…”what a day for a daydream”!  I have had some really great times in Costa Rica and invite you to daydream some with me while I share a few of my photos of Costa Rica. There is so much beauty in Costa Rica and I have been fully blessed to have seen so much of it.  I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

You will see this view in La Fortuna where the Arenal Volcano is located. This town is located west of San Jose and was one of  our stops on a country wLa Fortuna Arenalide trip through Costa Rica in January 2013.

On the far southeast end of the country is a village name Puerta Jimenez, another stop during the 2013 trip.  This is the view at sunrise at 6:00am.

Puerta JimenizThis was a coastal village and very close to Panama. The fishing is popular and the community seems very friendly. On Friday and Saturday nights, the locals party like there is no tomorrow.  This stop included some deep sea fishing.  As usual in Costa Rica, time on the ocean is very exciting and the views of the mountains while traveling in and out are often breathtaking. Fishing is not bad either.  Costa Rica Oct 2013 204

This is a tough fighting D0rado I landed.  The restaurants are often very good with very friendly staff. The Dorado was dropped off at a  local restaurant and prepared for my dinner.


This is a relaxing beautiful beach resort hotel which provides unbelievable views and great access to the ocean. This hotel is located in Jaco Beach on the Pacific side of the country southwest of San Jose.

Finally, this view is of downtown Copey. Really, there is not much more than this. It is a lovely location surrounded by beautiful mountains and country living at its best. In many ways, modern living has not caught up to this remote agricultural community.Costa Rica Oct 2013 248

There is not much need for traffic lights or parking meters. It is a lovely place where you can relax and get real close to nature.  Anne Lawrence, my author friend whose book “Following My Tug”  paints a wonderful picture of Copey.  She is also the owner of a beautiful B&B located in the hills of this small community.  Buy her book and make reservations to stay at Hush Valley. Check out Anne’s web site at: www.hushvalleylodge.com

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  1. What a great post! It brought me back to our trip when we first were looking to relocate. This country sure is beautiful. I’ll be driving to the Caribbean side on Sunday with my daughter who is visiting… another adventure to be had. We’re going white water rafting. Can’t wait. And thank you for the lovely plug of my book and our B&B! Kevin and I look forward to being hosts to the ‘Friends of Copey’. For those who are interested, by book can be purchased here:
    Smashwords profile page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Anwithanee
    Kobo Books: http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=9780993604508

    And they can read reviews here:
    Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20831354-following-my-tug-all-the-way-to-costa-rica

    With all my gratitude for everything you’re doing for our little community!!

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