Memorial Day Observance…

We observe Memorial Day in honor of the 1.1 million Americans who have died in US wars since our country’s birth. This observance also includes those who returned home wearing their uniform. Their battles did not or have not all ended on the battlefield. I especially honor four high school friends who died during the late 60’s during the Viet Nam Conflict. Michael Charles, Kenny Delaney, Frank Campbell, Jr., and Daniel Watkins all joined the military following graduation from high school. Three of the four died in battle while in Viet Nam. The fourth, Kenny Delaney died wearing his uniform in his home town in Tennessee while on leave. He was murdered by a civilian. All died while I was attending college. Of course, several other classmates died while serving but these four were very close friends. I entered the military following graduation from college and I pledged then to always show my respect and gratitude for their service and sacrifice. We all have family or friends who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom or are currently serving. We salute all those who have served to protect our freedom.

Corinne Calabretta is a new volunteer teacher at the Learning Center. Corinne is a native of Buffalo, New York and currently a senior at the University of Rochester.   Corinne.rev.1

She is majoring in international relations and economics while pursuing minors in Spanish and legal studies. She has taught English to refugees in both Buffalo and Rochester. Her long term plans are to go on to graduate school studying human rights, next join the ranks of professor, and then on to become an ambassador.

Many students have made great progress and have moved up to the next level in their educational material. According to Eve, the Learning Center’s education leader, the Learning Center is using curriculum composed of five levels.  Below are students who have successfully moved up. Most are AGB Scholarship Fund recipients.
graduation (1)Listed are the recipients and the donors from left to right.

Nicole – L. Church, Sofia – P. Evans, Margarita – non recipient, Juan Pablo – L. Church, Kevin – P. Wright, Steven – V. Richardson,  Ruben – J. Merritt, Ronald – A. Broady, Jose Manuel – A. Broady, Eric – non recipient, Evelyn- N. Olson.  Anna/Teacher.

There are another 12 recipients not listed in this group picture.  Thanks again for helping so many of these young students through the AGB Scholarship Fund. To enlarge the photo, you can click on the picture for a much improved look at your recipient.

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