Happy Mother’s Day…..!

Today as we focus on this Mother’s Day, we find many of our thoughts and memories are connected to the experiences we had or have with our Mothers.

This is the first Mother’s Day my sister and I will share without our Mother. Mom passed away in August last year and the adjustments to move on have not been easy. We had to get through first her birthday that followed her passing by about 15 days. Next, we sat at the Thanksgiving Dinner table remembering the many dinners we shared with Mom and all the wonderful meals she prepared. Only a few weeks later we found ourselves at the Christmas Dinner table again sharing many of the same thoughts we had during Thanksgiving. Recently, we went to church on Easter Sunday and this was the first time in years Mom was not with us. Today, Mother’s Day, may be the most difficult of them all to spend without her.

We struggle with these adjustments because Mom really was a very special Mom. In many ways, she was very typical and like most Moms. However, she had some unique qualities and truly amazing ways that set her apart from the rest.  At age 88 for example, she was still actively interested in various sports as an avid spectator and fan. As a die-hard Seattle Seahawk fan, we believe from Heaven she had a hand in the Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl. Equally fantastic, the NASCAR driver winning the first race in 2014 was her favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Her favorite Major League Baseball team, the Seattle Mariners, is one of the worst baseball teams each year. However, as of the time of this Post, the Mariners are two games above .500 and in second place. OMG!!! Finally, on the eve of this Mother’s Day, Mom’s second favorite NASCAR driver (my favorite…Jeff Gordon) won his first race of the year.

There were other qualities but this helps explain why the adjustments are difficult. Our daily lives were so connected with Mom. We know how she would sound and act if she was with us during the Super Bowl, watching Earnhardt and Gordon crossing the finish line first and watching each day the amazing things the Mariners are currently doing. Well, you know the saying…”Mom would have thought she had died and gone to Heaven”.

Some of our friends have lost their Mom too and we know this day has special meanings for them also. In a special way, we share this day with you. If you are fortunate to still have Mom around, send your love to her.

Mom is gone but we feel we are uniquely blessed. Mom‘s life and memory has been honored with the Anne Goble Broady Scholarship Fund supported by the “Friends of Copey”. On this Mother’s Day, please know that you are helping a kid who has a Mother wanting the very best for her child. What a wonderful way to honor Mothers on this day. We Love you Mom.

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  1. Mom, we love and miss you. Today is a difficult day but we know you are well taken care of in heaven. Art what a wonderful tribute to “Granny” on Mothers Day. Thanks

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