Has Anyone Seen April?…….

WOW!….. The month of April moved along very quickly. Where did it go? We are now ready to rush into May. The past two weeks have been extremely busy doing projects not directly related to the Learning Center. Well, now things are beginning to return to normal and I can get refocused on the Learning Center.

Previously, I requested the teacher “friends” to send me a note so I could know who “all” the teachers are following this Blog. Several teachers have done this and thanks. Maybe some of you have not responded. I hope you will still take a couple seconds and send me a note if you represent the education community. I am very appreciative of the teachers on board specifically because the Learning Center project relates to education. At some point in the near future, I want to point out to the Learning Center’s Board that this project is strongly supported by American educators both past and present representing a wide range of educational areas. I also want to extend a very special invitation to all educators to provide feedback on what we are doing.

In my last Post, I introduced the volunteer “stars” teaching at the Learning Center, Anna and John. I have been informed this is John’s last week at the Learning Center. He has now completed his tour of duty. John’s replacement Corinne is scheduled to arrive in mid-May and we will get her introduced to the “friends” as soon as she arrives.

John, all the “Friends of Copey” extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to you. We wish you the best on your next adventure and invite you to continue your connection with the Learning Center as a follower of this Blog and dedicated “Friend of Copey”.

I have been alerting everyone about some really good news coming soon and I can assure you it is still on the way. I can hardly keep from sharing it now but I have learned things can change quickly and not work out. So it is wise for me to be patient. But this news is getting closer and I want you to keep watching for it.

Finally, I want to welcome about a dozen new followers who appeared to have joined the “Friends of Copey” over the past few weeks. I appreciate everyone who takes a couple minutes each week to see what is being posted and to get the latest news on the Learning Center. Certainly, followers come and go so those who stay connected are very truly appreciated.

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