The Forecast is Sunshine…..!

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

Being out of town all week had not stopped the parade of news that has come along regarding the Learning Center. Yes, I have another great week of fantastic news to share.This “Friends” work we do certainly provides continuous reasons to feel great, feel blessed, and feel satisfied about our involvement with the Learning Center.

Marguerite at work

First, Marguerite Malloy just finished her term as a volunteer at the Learning Center. THANK you Marguerite for taking on the big job of providing volunteer teaching services to the Learning Center.

“Friends” please recall that Marguerite grew up in New Hampshire and graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish.

Many of us cannot fully appreciate the challenges and sacrifices volunteers experience with an assignment in a foreign and unfamiliar location. I commend Marguerite and those who have preceded her who have unselfishly served as volunteer teachers at the Learning Center.

The students must say farewell to Marguerite and that is difficult to do for these young students but they will have lasting memories. Certainly, Marguerite has made her mark on the Copey community as a volunteer.


A very big announcement will be made next week. We just got word on a “break through” on a major initiative. First, we want to soak it in and make sure all parties involved are on board. But it is Big! Please check in on next week’s Post.

In other news, break out the champagne.  We just hit another major milestone. Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We just hit the 6,000 mark for visits to the “Friends of Copey” Blog. AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT

3000 Visits to the Blog

6,000 Visits to the Blog

We hit the 5,000 mark in July and there is even more news of interest about this Blog. This year’s total visits to date has already exceeded the final 2014 total. FANTASTIC! This means when December ends, a new record high will have been achieved. One final note of importance…this Post is the 100th post written since the Blog’s inception.

Thank you all for being so supportive and dedicated to this effort. You are the reason for these outstanding numbers. You count and I am hopeful you will continue being interested enough to visit each Post and for supporting this effort.


ALERT…The day in the winner circle finally arrived. Jeff Gordon #24 won his first race of this race season at the Richmond Race Track.

zzzzJeff Gordon

The win places him in the final four competing for the 2015 NASCAR CHAMPIONSHIP…The Sprint Cup. In my opinion he has been driving the past three weeks with much more passion and excitement. Being in the front of the pack more often and among the top ten drivers racing around the track makes for very suspenseful race. Winning this race means we do not have to sweat it out for the next couple weeks since the win gives Jeff an automatic placement among the final four. Go #24!!!

What a Wonderful World….!

Maybe a few of you recognized the titled of the last Post, “And I think to myself” to be part of the lyrics to the song “What a Wonderful World” made popular by Louis Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

He recorded the song in 1967 and it was made even more popular as a featured song in the movie “Good Morning Viet Nam” starring Robin Williams in 1987. This song played as the movie started. It seemed to be such a strange intro song to a war/comedy movie with the setting in Saigon, during the Viet Nam Conflict. Robin Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for his starring role as a radio DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Services serving in Saigon. Armstrong’s 1987 recording of this song was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.

Of course, the world was not wonderful in Viet Nam but the song’s strange presence as featured in the movie caused a lasting impression on me. Many times since, the song has been a cheerful reminder that in the middle of the worst possible conditions, there are still rainbows, children, blue skies, white clouds and the rest. I find myself thinking, in the grand scheme of things, “what a wonderful world”. One verse reads:

“I hear babies cry, and I watched them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

To listen to Armstrong sing, click on the link:

In Copey, things are moving along extremely well for the Learning Center and some of the efforts initiated by “Friends of Copey” are showing some real promise. Unfortunately, we are still too early into the planning and development phase to make any special announcements but some ground breaking news is in the making. So stay tuned in.

Star studentsAs a “Friend” you must keep praying for progress and success and if you do not pray…think positive thoughts. Speaking of which, during Pope Francis’ visit last week, I happened to hear a short portion of one of his speeches. Specifically, he asked his audience to pray for him. He went further to say that if you do not pray, apply your positive thoughts instead. Maybe some of you heard that message. For me, it resembled closely the same message we have been making about the involvement of “Friends” from the beginning. The following is an excerpt of the Post issued in April of 2014.

“What is expected of a “Friend of Copey”? Really, not much. For those of us who pray…please continue to pray!  For those of us who believe positive thinking generates positive results and outcomes…spend time each day thinking positive thoughts about our efforts. For those inclined to want to do more, keep informed and be on watch. At times, a special request may come along that will touch you and inspire you to go beyond praying and thinking. You may have an idea, a talent, a skill or knowledge that will help the cause. Finally, even a small donation may be part of your involvement although never required as a “friend”. In all instances, you will be livin “the givin” back.”  (Read the full text at

Of course, I am not claiming to be on the same level as Pope Francis. But, clearly he and I are making the same appeal. As a “Friend of Copey”, you are making a difference whether you personally see it or not. Your prayers and thoughts are sustaining this effort and keeping me encouraged and committed as well. The Learning Center, the parents, the students and staff all truly value our involvement and support. Most important, children are learning more than I will ever know!  What a Wonderful World!