Friends are Great People…!

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”  By Charles R. Swindoll

The positive news just follows us around. We received excellent feedback from “Friends” everywhere regarding the Reception/Anniversary event held on June 16th in Virginia. I am still recovering from the wonderful experiences I enjoyed. 

Donations Save the Day!

Next, we appear to have sufficient funds to pay all our reported expenses. “Friends” are absolutely amazing and there is no way to describe the appreciation felt. Thank You!

Our guests shared time with E&H College President John Wells!

I indicated last week I would provide a final accounting of both revenue and expenses. I need to postpone the final report just a few more days. We are making a final check on all of the expenses and we still have one or two donations we are expecting to arrive very soon. If you are wondering about your check clearing, please do not worry. We hold all the checks until we close out the fundraising process and receive all the expenses. This is done before we submit all the donations to the Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Club’s Foundation. Once the Foundation receives the donations, the checks are deposited and we proceed to paying the bills. Turning over the donations to the Foundation is expected to happen early next week.

The bottom line is…“all is very well financially!”

Another “TOP DOG” meets up with our guests.

These Copey guests know how to get to the top folks real fast. In this case, at the “Dip Dog Ice Cream Parlor” which is a really big deal in the Town of Marion. Mayor Helms and his wife Sue (my high school classmate) connected with our guests.

Both have been long time “Friends of Copey.” I appreciate the support the Mayor provides to “Friends” and the leadership he provides to my hometown, Marion.

Mayor David Helms welcomes guests to his (our) town.

Visit the Photos and Videos!

I also promised there would be additional photos of the students and others during the 2023 Pathway Project. These photos and video are now available to view under of the heading “Quick Links” found at the top right. Photos are listed under Friends of Copey Tenth Anniversary…!

Please check out this special link.

Friends of Copey – Tenth Anniversary (June 2023)

You will enjoy seeing students from several years ago and our most recent students including the anniversary celebration. There is even a video of several special folks who sent us their “Congratulations” which were enjoyed during the celebration.  

Take special note that our Pathway students enjoy their time in the USA participating in a wide range of activities not common in their hometown or nearby communities. These photos and videos can generate a lot of comments. I can just say “thanks” to all the many who helped make this ten year journey a life changing experience for me and others. Feel free to submit comments or questions.

Thank You Emma…!

As we bring a close to the 2023 Pathway Project, there is another ending taking place. Emma Terry completed her second semester as a volunteer teacher at the Copey Learning Center. She has left her positive mark on the community and the students and we thank her and wish her well.

“Friends” has been very fortunate to have high quality volunteers willing to spend time in Copey. According to Emma, she has loved being in the community and may return some time in the near future. 

Also, I consider Emma to be a personal friend and her service to the Copey community has special meaning for me. “Friends” will follow her along her continued path and we hope she will enjoy much continued success.               Outstanding job Emma…!

             “Pura Vida”


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