Getting Close to Celebration Time!

Pathway Project Update

Things are now moving fast. The Copey students arrived in Emory, Virginia late Friday after almost two days of sightseeing in Washington, D.C.. They arrived with tons of excitement and enthusiasm, ready to start a full week of fun and work. 

When the students arrived, Dr. Ed Davis soon provided the guests with dinner and some home entertainment. Dr. Davis was possibly returning the wonderful hospitality he received during his trip to Copey in December.

Saturday there was kayaking, some hiking, bird watching, more eating, end the day ended with attending the play “Footloose” at the famous Barter Theater.

We are already at Wednesday and they have two days of camp completed.  Three days to go and still more planned non-camp activities.

Can each year just get better? Sure it can and it does. Of course the students are just great but what makes much of this Pathway Project both high quality and very productive are the many volunteers who plan and coordinate practically every hour of the visit. You have to be here to witness the plan all come together. This year is more challenging because we will include in the reception our 10th Anniversary celebration adding a few more items on the list of things to do. Can only wish all “Friends” were here to celebrate.

We have so many blessings to speak about. This week I am shouting out my praise for Catalina. She is now serving as the chaperone for the third consecutive year. She has been the important member of the team keeping things together on the Copey community side. This means making sure the parents understand what their students will experience and getting the students prepared to travel to the USA. This entails a great deal of time and effort. She has mastered this responsibility and it equals in importance with all the rest of the items that must be done well.

Then, she comes along as the students’ chaperone. Chaperoning is not easy. There is a great deal of responsibility placed on the shoulders of a chaperone. Being both responsible and accountable for two others 24/7 for almost two weeks is an awesome physical and emotional challenge most could not and would not do. Catalina does her job so well. Thanks Catalina.

              2023 Pathway Project Campaign

 Goal  $4,400.00    Raised  $3,850.00   Balance  $750.00  Deadline: June 30th

Outstanding Progress Made…!

We had a great week and the current total represents what is in our hands at this time. Several donors have reported putting the check in the mail but I am not showing those funds in my current total yet. Will count the donation when it’s received. If you are planning to donate…don’t wait. We will need to reach our goal and begin to pay our Pathway Project debt as soon as possible.

                                How Do I Donate?

 Goodbye to My Aunt… !   

Christine Broady Clark was funeralized on Friday, June 9th. The service was live streamed and I had the opportunity to watch. She was spoken of very well and she obviously touched many others in her lifetime as an educator, woman deacon, mother, and grandmother, great grandmother, civic leader, and so many other things.


      Blest Be the Tie That Binds

2 thoughts on “Getting Close to Celebration Time!”

  1. Scrapper, Thank you for all the wonderful news. Dave and I aren’t able to send a video, but we wanted you, the students, teachers, volunteers, friends, and community members to know that we are sending our very best wishes to all of you. Also, congratulations on your recent honors, Scrapper. You are so deserving of so many accolades.
    There are many reasons for my lack of correspondence recently, but I won’t go into all of that. We just want you to know that we are proud of everyone who is and has been involved with Friends of Copey. Enjoy the students and all of the road warriors who make these things possible. We hope everyone will have a wonderful time at the reception, and safe travels for those traveling in the US and back to Copey. Take good care! Lisa B. and Dave Haney

  2. Such a good chaperone, Catalina! And those teenagers are great young people!

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