The Countdown Has Begun

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  By Anne Frank

This is the week when things begin moving towards southwest Virginia. Travelers from Copey, Costa Rica are departing their homes on Wednesday for Washington, D.C. with the final destination Emory, Virginia. We have waited a year to experience the next student representatives to come visit us. The students, Margarita and Erick accompanied by Catalina are ready to go.

This is our 6th year conducting the Pathway Project. It is amazing to think that I have photos of Margarita when she may have been seven or eight years old. Many of us have watched Copey students grow up. 

Call to action! 

As a “Friend” anywhere in the world, you can do one or all of the following:

  1. Help financially support the 2023 Pathway Project Campaign

  2. Attend the Annual Reception/10th Year Anniversary

  3. Send a video message to us to enjoy during the reception, if you are unable to attend. (Guidelines on how to prepare a video message is in the email.)

                         2023 Pathway Project Campaign

 Goal  $4,400.00    Raised  $1,750.00   Balance  $2,650.00  Deadline: June 30th

The 2023 Pathway Project fundraising campaign is tracking much as it has in past years. Donations are slow initially and then begin to show up. Any amount is most appreciated.

We step out in faith each year with this project and believe the three groups of supporting Friends will respond by donating, or praying for our success, or applying that “I believe” and “I can do” positive energy. Some Friends use all three approaches to help us obtain success.

The opportunity to bring to our country and community actual benefactors of our support and generosity is uncommon. In the Pathway Project, we have in our presence the real live students to meet, talk to, and experience the success of our efforts. We get to experience first hand their culture, their educational success, and their dreams which are made possible because of our generous efforts.

The Pathway Project also provides the grateful Copey community the opportunity to send their student representatives to tell us in person…”Thank You!” 

Your financial support is most appreciated and certainly valued. Some expenses are unavoidable such as airfare, ground transportation, hotel rooms, and meals while on travel. All the additional costs including course tuition, room and board while on campus are covered by the college.

All of the expenses for food and beverages and other miscellaneous expenses related to the Annual Reception/Anniversary are not included in this fundraising campaign. These expenses are already covered by donors.

No one connected to Friends receives any compensation for the time and effort spent on this project. We are rich with wonderful volunteers (and donors) who do an unbelievable job hosting and caring for our guests during the entire Pathway Project.  Help us reach 65% by June 17th. 

                                   Donating Guidelines

How can you financially support this project? The specific guidelines are included below. The Tri-City Industry Kiwanis Club’s Foundation is our official banker. Please forward all donations in accordance with the guidelines. Please strictly follow these instructions to prevent confusion, delays, and accounting .

Join us on June 16th for the Annual Reception as we celebrate our Ten Year Anniversary!


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