2022 Financial Achievement Scorecard

“Don’t Miss The Joy!” by Arthur Broady

The 2022 Financial Achievement Scorecard represents another year of wonderful success. The financial support for the Scholarship, Executive Salary Support, and the Pathway Project represents roughly 25%-35% of the total value of the support we provide once we factor in the non-financial benefits. However, the financial support is equally important because it is the glue keeping all things active. The following is an accounting of the financial support we received during the year.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

Our goal for 2022 was set at $1,300.00 and we received $2,300.00 to support the tuition cost for students wanting to attend the Copey Learning Center. The response to the goal was exceptional and the additional funds were used to provide more students with scholarship support. I am honored to see my mother’s memory sustained by the enormous generosity of “Friends”. We all thank you.

Executive Director Salary Support Fund

Our goal for 2022 was set at $1,700.00 and we received $2,075.00 to provide the Salary Support for the center’s director. I am so pleased that “Friends” recognize and understand the importance of having quality and consistent leadership managing the day to day activities of the Copey Learning Center. The success of the center depends on this support and the results continue to prove we are wise to support this need.

Pathway Project Fund

Our goal for 2022 was set at $2,850.00 to add to $750.00 being held in reserve for this project. We successfully met our total goal of $3,600.00. The actual roundtrip travel cost for the two students and the chaperone from Copey to Emory & Henry College, Virginia resulted in charges totaling $3,615.00. This included hotel accommodations, meals, local ground transportation, ground transportation in Costa Rica, and other related fees and charges for various activities and events. Average cost per traveler was $1,200.00.  (Photo: 2022 Pathway Project students with Dr. Davis and Chaperone Catalina Cortes at E&H College)

The 2022 Pathway Project expenses were on the high end this year due to higher priced airline tickets. We were late buying airline tickets due to obtaining late visa approvals needed for the students to leave Costa Rica. Several other factors also helped raise the cost on the average of $250.00-$300.00 per person compared to 2019.

Early planning efforts are underway for 2023 with expectations of better ticket rates and reducing costs.

Published Posts

It is expected that we will have nearly 1,000 fewer site visits to our Blog at the end of 2022 compared to last year. At the end of 2021, 52 Posts (average one Post per week) were published which accounted for a total of 4,101 site visits.

They will be 37 Posts published by the end of this year (seventeen fewer) and an estimated 3,200 visits.

The 2022 Plan included publishing fewer Posts throughout the year due to other active projects and time commitments. Also, at the end of 2021 a survey was sent to all “Friends” inquiring about their interest in continuing to receive the Posts. Based on several responses and based on no responses at all, the mailing list was reduced by about 20%. This had some reduction impact on the overall visits to the Posts over the year.

Visits to Posts by US States and other Countries

The mystery continues around the reasons “Friends of Copey” is frequently visited by countries we have no involvement with. China, United Kingdom, and Germany are only a few of more than 50 countries who have visited the Post over the year. Per the chart, the top three countries are as expected but the bottom three are unexpected.

This is generally the same results from prior years. Since the beginning, China has consistently been in the top five countries.

A Very Significant Statistic

Since the first Post in December 2013, 468 weeks have passed. During the same time-frame 456 Posts have been published in support of “Friends”. Together, we have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to this project and have established a full and complete historical accounting of our efforts and successes.

“Friends” is the key focus with all the Posts. There would not be a reason to Post our news if you did not exist. Posts helps document the measure of our support and dedication to the Copey Learning Center.  I believe this project will be held up someday as a model of “service to humanity-freely given!” This is part of the message of Christmas…“Peace, Love, and Good Will Towards All.”

See next Post- A special edition recognizing a few of our fully devoted “Friends” and some “Friends” we lost over the year.

Merry Christmas!

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