Volunteers Are Special…!

“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing. ”  By Will Rogers

Copey Update!

From all indications the Copey Learning Center is moving back to those pre-Covid days. We are not yet back to the enrollment levels but we are moving in the right direction.

The progress is in part due to the excellent volunteers working for the Copey Learning Center. This has been one amazing year as we have depended on excellent volunteers for each of the three semesters.

The Dynamic Trio…!

Hats are off to Jane, Genna, and now Emma. All three of these volunteers have helped us get thru this bizarre post Covid era. They have provided and continue to provide excellent educational opportunities to the students in Copey.

One of the fascinating aspects of community service is the way the community demonstrates their warmth and respect for the work the volunteers perform.

Most Copey families know the volunteers are there for the full benefit of their sons and daughters.

Recently, Emma sent me a note expressing the following sentiments she has for being in Copey.

“I truly feel like I’ve won the lottery! Although I’ve just begun, it’s obvious that my time here will be rewarding and full of joy. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to meet, connect with, and teach the community here. I also hope that my time here, and Genna’s as well, inspires others.”  Emma Terry

Comments from our volunteers have remained very consistent over the years. Our Emory & Henry College students and the veteran teachers who have volunteered at the Copey Learning Center have all expressed Emma’s sentiments.

When I am asked “What do I get out of devoting my time to this project?“, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is the joy I feel knowing the Copey volunteers depart that community leaving something special of themselves behind. And knowing the volunteers leave Copey with their bags packed full of life-long memories. “Yes, this joy is Priceless!” 

More is on the way…!

Emma and I are working on a “special project”. We plan to bring you up to date on the progress of one of the Pathway Project students. Too often we fail to let you know some of the successes our past students are experiencing. We can relate to some of the success because we were there to help make a difference when needed.

And, there is still more coming when Dr. Davis and his colleague Dr. Koch escort a dozen Emory & Henry College students to Costa Rica in December. There are several days planned for them to visit Copey. This will be a great and joyful Christmas gift for all of us “Friends”.

Are You Ready to Volunteer?

When the doors to the Copey Learning Center open in February or March 2023, we will need another willing volunteer to continue this outstanding educational service. We have “Friends” scattered around the world. We have teaching talent overflowing.

Some of you “Friends” are still teaching and some are retired. But there is another group we sometimes overlook. Each of you working or retired know of educational colleagues with education backgrounds. Some only need to be told of this opportunity. You just need to ask them to look into this project.

One very important lesson I have learned in my time with this project is that all requests have a 50% yes and a 50% no to the request. And, there is a 100% no if you never make the request.

It is biblical…”You have not because you have asked not…”  James 4:2-3

Join this elite group of fantastic volunteers who put service above self to do a job never to be forgotten or regretted. Just send me a note.


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  1. This is so inspiring – I hope more people – young AND old AND middle-aged – find their way to the beautiful village of Copey.

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